what is parnism?

According to Suat Kemal Yetkin, Parnism is nothing more than an adaptation of realism and naturalism poetry. Parnassism is precisely this because it is not achieved in this matter to give him the right.

Parnism is only a current for poetry. As in every current, the Parnas flow was born as a reaction to the previous flow, ie Romantism.

The poems of poets gathered around the magazine Parnasse Contemporain in 1866 also began to be mentioned with the same name. Later on Parnasse schools were opened and Parnas proceeded as a school of poetry.

The most important representatives of Parnas poetry worldwide; Gautier, Jose'-Maria de Heredia and Banvillc. There are also three great poets who will later be referred to as the founders of the Symbolist movement: Baudelaire, Verlaine and Mallarme.

In our case Parnas starts with Servet-i Fünun. Servet-i Fünun is the first Turkish community to reject the tradition. Servet-i Fünun had Romantic, Parnas and Symbolist poets after 90's. Parnas, which started with Tevfik Fikret in Turkish literature, is a golden time with Yahya Kemal Beyatli. The effect of the Parnas movement is also seen in the Seven Meşaleciler.

Parnas poetry will leave Symbolism at the end of the 1880s.

The Parnas poetry movement adopts the idea of ​​"art for art". In this measure we can list the characteristics of Parnas poetry:

1. Importance is emphasized.

The poets, who are connected to the flow of parnas, work in a jeweler's strictness. In poetry, style is very important and they reveal an error-free figure.

2. They oppose annihilation.

Paranasy poets are criticizing the romantic current for this reason. The poems written with inspiration were written as free and without rhyme. Moreover, there were slang words in the poem because the words were not passed through the logic filter in these poems. However, it is known that Yahya Kemal Beyatlı waited for a word for years.

3. Being objective

Paranasyans are objects against the Romans, who are the main crown man. Romantics could manipulate the emotions of others or their own feelings in their poetry as well as others; that is the individual poetry of Romantic poetry. Parnesian poetry has no own feelings or self-interest in poetry. No Parnesians process their own love in poetry. For example, Yahya Kemal did not move into any poetic adventure poetry that he has lived to date. This idea will in fact affect Symbolists later on. The symbolist school is also divided into two because the Parnas feeds on it. Baudelaire-influenced poets talked about their private life from their poetry, while those influenced by Mallarmé would not mention themselves in their poetry.

4. Observation

Observation is necessary to be objective. Parnas poets choose the method of observation to find material in their poems. Observations are not human. Tangible things that can be seen by everyone like the outside world, the street, the city, the landscape, the mountain, and so on are observed. The only way to transfer poetry is to observe a situation. Parnas poets portray the poetry. Parnassian is the basic fiction rules of a poet. Of course, this rule also restricts them as a theme. According to some researchers, there is a great deal of influence on the reason that Parnas poetry is not long-lasting.

5. musicality

Creating a music in an inner harmony in poetry is a monumental effort of Parnas poets. This rule also coincides with the rule of perfection in the form. The idea of ​​music in poetry was first introduced by Parnas poets in the West. The eastern world is not the first mass of Paranas, because it is a musical genre that is used to introduce musical poetry around the world. As a matter of fact, the idea of ​​using the meter according to poetry is unique to the Parnas for both the east and the west. Our Turkish poet Tevfik Fikret was the first to try it in Turkish literature.

Tevfik Fikret in Turkish Literature is the first and most important representative of the Parnas movement with its well-worked language, form and perfection; The Parnas poetry influences seen from Yahya Kemal's sese, harmony and sleeping, which he attaches importance to the perfection of form. Originally, our country was affected by Tanzimat in every way. While a representative of a movement in the Western world is certainly not interested in another current, it could be both Realistic and Naturalistic in our country. For this reason the Parnas flow in us is formed by the influence.

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