what is a nightmare? why is a nightmare seen?

What is the main feature of Rem Sleepiness and Parasomnias?

These group disorders; are autonomic manifestations and certain parasomnias that can be recalled and explained in detail. It occurs more often in the adult and in the second half of the night, when REM sleep is more intense, resulting in patience. The most common disorder in this group is nightmares.

Contrary to wakefulness disorders, in this group of disorders, a person easily wakes up from sleep, remembers and explains their dreams in detail. Sleep paralysis (sleep paralysis) is also awake; but can not respond due to paralysis. However, the attack may be terminated by touching or using a method found by the person himself. These conditions are often associated with a psychosocial stress effect.

Nightmare Disorder

It is usually paroxysmal attacks with scary dreams that cause awakening in the REM period and in the second half of sleep, without an external stimulus. The main characteristic of this disorder is the appearance of dreams involving repetitive, fearful aggression, trauma, injury, and death, leading to a highly significant anxiety, and frightening figures such as monsters are in the forefront in childhood males. Although children are very anxious about waking up from sleep, and terrified dreams are described in detail.When a person wakes up, palpitation, sweating, and acceleration in breathing can be seen.And it is difficult to fall asleep again from a distance.In the second half of the sleep period attacks may occur.

What is the prevalence of "nightmares" in the general population?

The nightmares often occur between the ages of 3-6, although they can be seen at any age. The ratio of women / men is equal in childhood; but it is more common in women during adulthood. In childhood, the environment and television can affect dreams. Psychiatric disorder in these children is 3 times; and 5 times more frequently in adults.

During panic attacks during sleep, people also awaken from sleep by feeling a great fear with palpitation, sweating, flushing, feeling of tightness in the chest. However, when people with sleep panic attacks are questioned, there is no fear of dreaming. Babies can also develop due to a mental illness such as depression and anxiety disorders.

What are the ways to be followed in the treatment of nightmare?

Families of children treated for nightmares should be told that it is normal in childhood and will usually pass during adolescence. Cursing can also help prevent the display of horror films and the presentation of scary subjects. In particular, benzodiazepines and antidepressants are used in treatment. The use of benzodiazepines should be avoided because of their ability to become addictive as long as the males are not very frequent and do not affect their everyday life at all.
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