what is hyperthyroidism? how is it treated?

It is a disease caused by an increase in the amount of thyroid present. If the thyroid glands continue to stay above normal functioning, hyperthyroidism occurs. Kanda is called thyrotoxicosis in the increase of thyroid and it opens to the same door with hyperthyroid. Cause is the decline in serum TSH levels, uncontrolled uptake of thyroid hormones, old age, excessive iodine uptake, postnatal reasons.

Weight loss, extreme irritability, palpitations, tremors in hands and feet, warmth in the body and intolerance due to warmth are the main symptoms. In addition, double vision, hair loss and weakening, hair loss in the fat of the liver, thinning and thinning, the days of menstruation, bleeding in the blood, the formation of swelling and redness in the eyes are among the indications. Palpitations are the most important symptom of the disease. If there is no palpitation, it may be called hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroid effects all organs and system functioning. It exposes problems ranging from eyes to ears, to all sensory organs, even to uterus. In males abnormal conditions such as growth in the follicles and milk coming out occur. At the beginning of the illness, men have more sexual desire, but the desire disappears. In females, decrease in menstruation, decrease in number of eggs and sexual reluctance occur. These conditions make it difficult to conceive.

Thinning, thickening in and around the foot heels, vascular dilatation in the palms, redness. The fingernails are weak and immediately broken, their hair strands and their structure begin to deteriorate.

This disease, which is caused by deterioration of the immune system, is a disease that lowers the quality of life which is very disturbing to the patients. Patients must be treated immediately and should try to get rid of all the problems that have come to the fore because of the disease.

The diseases caused by hyperthyroidism are getting up quickly after treatment. Surgical treatment is very rare and patients are usually treated with medication. Drug therapy covers a long period. There are drugs used for 1-2 years. The most preferred drug is a drug taken by the oral route called radioiodine. There is no known side effects.
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