what is good for tonsil inflammation?

Inflammation or swelling of the ademcycles ruins a person, harassing a person from life. Tongue inflammation, pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, fatigue, high fever and other symptoms are an important discomfort. It is more common in children. Generally, antibiotic treatment is applied.

You can get rid of this discomfort with natural, herbal treatment without taking antibiotics.

What can be done against Throat Pain, Tinnitus Inflammation or Swelling?

Herbal Remedies For Tonsorrhea Or Swelling:

* Sage is a good spice and antibiotic. When added with honey and vinegar, it is effective against sore throat.

* A warm water bath made by boiling raspberry flowers is good for tonsillitis.

 * It is good for throat infections if mouthwash is made with the syrup obtained by holding the quince in the water.

* Syrup made from black pepper passes the mouth and throat inflammation.

* Gargling with tea made with rose petals is very effective in throat inflammation.

tonsil * In the case of castor oil sore throat, 20 grams are drunk and if one day fasting is done, there are complaints.

* Linden garlic curcum mulberry is good for throat aches.

* Figs are cooked together with the milk, and the sore and throat pain is eaten. It softens the chest.

* When black cage gargle is made, throat inflammation and angina are effective.

* Red leaf is boiled to make gargle, it will destroy throat inflammation. When you get pulled in, you will have a cold.

* Lemon juice is good for throat diseases and tonsillitis.
* Angelica boiled and gargle is made when the throat wounds are treated.

* Tea made of violet tea bronchitis throat and chest inflammation is very good.

* Mine is watered gargle with water to relieve throat inflammation.

* Tea made from the flowers of elderberry trees prevents tonsillitis when gargles are made in the mouth.

* Blueberries are good for throat diseases.
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