what is geniz flow? what are the symptoms?

The generous discharge is a common and disturbing situation. Some nappies within the nose produce around 1 liter of mucus per day, which is normal for the body. This produced mucus destroys and destroys bacteria and viruses without destroying the intended nasal membranes, humidifying the air, causing infection. Normally, this mucus, which is normally produced, mixes with the saliva and then passes through the bacterium, but in some cases the mucus is produced too much and this mucus accumulates in a region behind the nose and throat, which is called the nasal discharge. Sometimes the problem is not caused by too much mucus produced, even if the mucus produced can not be removed from the middle. Swallowing problems sometimes occur with age, occlusion or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

What are the symptoms of the Genizite?
There is a feeling of constant cleaning in the throat.
Coughs get worse at night.
Mucus excess causes pain and swallowing difficulty in the throat.
If a germ is added to the nasal stream, it causes the mouth odor.
It creates a tingling and itching sensation in the throat.
It causes headache called sinusitis development and nasal obstruction.
If the fluid is infected and the color turns green, it causes nausea and vomiting.
Why is Geniz Flow?
It is a frequent complaint, especially in the spring and winter months. Sometimes it happens with the triggering of a disease, sometimes with an allergen. Some causes of the currents:

Colds, colds caused by viruses can cause sneezing, headache and nasal discharge.
Allergic rhinitis, itching, itchy nose and nasal obstruction indicate the indication. Allergic cold also causes nasal discharge just like cold.
Sinus infections refer to the infected sinus and the filled sinuses directly produce nasal discharge. it is easily seen by doctors.
The weakness of the immune system can not protect against the weakness of almost all diseases, the filling of the sinuses, the infecting of the body, the colds and colds, and they cause nasal discharge.
Pregnancy, changing body functions during this period affect the amount of mucus formation.
How to Treat Genital Dysentery
There is no urgency to go to the doctor if the genitourinary infection lasts for 5-10 days. However, for a stay longer than two weeks, you should go to a doctor. There are home treatment methods for short-term nasal fluids, some of which are:

Gargle: It is the first and easiest treatment method that comes to mind as Geniz flow. 1 cup of water 2-3 cups of salt mixed well with salt, gargle and nose to draw water quite comfortable.

Water Consumption: Liquid consumption helps to relieve the mucus attached to the throat, drinking 9 to 10 glasses of water a day helps pass the stream.

Plant Cream: Prepare a cup of water by adding 1-2 spoons of ginger and 1 spoonful of thyme. You can consume tea 2-3 times a day.

Natural Spray: Add 1 spoon of saline to the prepared salt water and squeeze it directly into your nose, causing the mucous membrane to break down easily.

Water and Vinegar: A few drops of apple juice that are consumed in the water consumed during the day are useful in the passage of apple circulation.

Steam Effect: Steam relieves dryness and thinned thick mucosa, the mucosa easily disappeared. To make it more effective, you will be in a boil and you can put some salt in the boiled water.

When should I go to the doctor?
If the home treatment methods given above do not pass the nasal discharge or if the mucus is green, yellow or bloody, if the smell is coming from the throat, if fever and wheezing is occurring then it means that you need antibiotics and you should go to the doctor.
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