what is the epilepsy (sara) disease? how is it treated?

In our human body, we are the body of our body which is the administrative center. Every move we make in our everyday life can come to fruition thanks to our brains. In order for these functions to be continuous, there are several electrical structures that are related to each other in the brain. When these electrical movements unexpectedly make electrical discharges in the central nervous system unexpectedly, a situation can be called "epilepsy" or "epilepsy".

According to research conducted around the world, it has been determined that there are about 40,000,000 epilepsy patients. In our country, there are 700,000 people with epilepsy. While the rates are so high, epilepsy among the population is seen as an interesting issue that should not be "bad" and that it should not be talked about. When we look at the details of this situation, it is seen that those who have such diseases are adhered to the "lack of wisdom". However, this is never the case in epilepsy. Sara's disease is a disease that only occurs nervously.

What is epileptic seizure?

The epileptic seizures are called "epileptic seizures". As we have already said, it is because of the temporary abnormal spread of electricity in the brain cells. A patient with epileptic seizure may experience unconsciousness, emotional disturbances, perception disorders, or movement disorders during the seizure and shortly after the seizure.

The important thing here is that it is known that the belief that each type of seizure is a precise and clear epilepsy is wrong. Because in some cases seizures may be passed once and never again. However, there is also the possibility that a number of seizures may occur when the triggering factors occur. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to go to a specialist doctor for definite diagnosis.

Think about epilepsy
Epilepsy is one of the most common diseases in both adolescence and adolescence. In adulthood, the most frequent symptom after stroke is the second disease. Epilepsy, which is seen equally frequently in both men and women, is a common occurrence in youth and middle aged people.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our writing epilepsy illness, it is a condition that can not be accepted as a very mentioned and interesting reason but as a "defect". As a result, it is determined that only twenty-twenty percent of people who really have epilepsy in society go to doctor's control. Diagnosis is not difficult in this disease, since there can be dozens of seizures in childhood, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, starting from infancy.

It is a known fact that those who perceive epilepsy as inappropriate to go to check are still seeking answers to many questions by seeing the symptoms of this disease. Regardless of what should be done, the diagnosis should be made and treatment of the disease should be started as soon as possible.

Because the epilepsy patient's treatment process can cover both a long period of time and can affect the whole life of the person, it can be patient and patient. At least with the right methods applied during the treatment process, the seizures of these patients will be reduced as much as possible and it will be possible to make the daily life of the patient better and more productive. Drug therapy applied in some patients can not affect epileptic seizures and can not relieve the patient's complaints. In such cases, it may be necessary to start the treatment of epilepsy surgery by passing the next step from the drug treatment as deemed necessary.
How is epilepsy diagnosed?
Different types of epilepsy patients have different seizure outcomes or symptoms, and as a result, it must be said that they are all identified and that the patient is suffering from epilepsy with a clear louse. For this reason, it is very important and important for people to observe how crises happen, which conditions trigger crises, and whether they are noteworthy during the crisis.

These types of episodes, which are transmitted to the doctor and observed correctly, are very important in order that the drug choice can be done correctly after the diagnosis of epilepsy is established. In general, it is difficult to say exactly what factor occurs after epilepsy and what happens in the brain, but the factors that affect the development of epilepsy, which starts to manifest itself in childhood, are as follows;

Traffic injuries caused by brain injuries
Inflammation of the brain membrane
Tumors in the brain
No brain oxygen during delivery
Diseases in gene chromosomes
A hot wire transfer
Meningitis prevalence
How is the epileptic seizure going?
Since each of the domains in your brain can show different functions, the epileptic epileptic seizures in which the damage to the brain's brain is generated has a considerable effect on these epileptic seizures. When it comes to epileptic seizures, it may seem that the patient has fallen into some contractions, but this is not the way all the seizures are passed.

In addition to passing the seizure and the seizure, the incompatibility of the coins, the occurrence of contractions of the face or the prolonged periods of plunge can be a symptom of the epileptic seizure. When the seizures were considered in some classifications; in a crisis of loss of consciousness during the seizure, the person can not control his behavior. After the seizure is over, the same silliness can continue and the movements can not be maintained.

In the form of another crisis where the patient has fallen, the patient is again conscious. The body is fluttering in the place, and the foam is coming from the mouth of the person. This naturally means that the person may be able to exert his / her language, so it is necessary to be as cautious as possible to prevent individuals who help the individual from biting the language. After a while the person can return to normal life.

In another form of seizure it can be said that only one part of the body is affected. It is possible to say that such seizures are caused not only by the whole brain being affected. In such seizures, the body region that has been out of control has started to show some unbalanced behavior.
First aid to epileptic seizure person
A number of aids can be provided to control these seizures of people who have epileptic seizures. The only successive crises can create major health problems for the person, and when encountered, the patient must be immediately taken to the nearest health facility. Apart from that, an individual who has epileptic seizure is mainly to be made;

Taking into account the fact that the person can not control the movements during the seizure; all kinds of things that hit his head and sharp things that are likely to injure him should be removed.
The chin of the patient who is likely to bite the tongue should be kept open.
The body of the person and his head should be turned around and a pillow should be placed under his head.
The seizure person should never be slapped on his behalf, his face should not be exposed to cold water, or cologne should not be applied to his face.
If the patient's choice of clothes is likely to squeeze his throat, he should be relaxed and relaxed.
These observations should be shared with the doctor after the seizure person is helping the seizure person directly without panic, by controlling what happens during the episode during the episode.

Epilepsy epilepsy treatment content
Epilepsy is a treatable disease after being diagnosed. The most important point in the initial treatment of this disease is the correct placement of the level of epilepsy and the correct identification of the drugs to be used in this treatment. As is well known to the skilled practitioner, it is not advisable to initiate drug therapy directly after the first episode, since every episode does not mean that the epilepsy is in place.

First, a diagnosis is made and the level and the variation at which the disease persists is determined. Accordingly, the drugs to be used are clarified and drug treatment is started first. The use of medicines is usually kept low at the beginning and then gradually increased. Since treatment is a long-lasting treatment, blood tests can be taken at certain times to check the condition of the body.

Side effects may also be observed, as these medications are beneficial. The prolongation of the use of the drug causes less side effects because the drug may habit the body. If it is observed that the side effects are still persistent after several weeks, it may be tried to use another drug at the same dose.

In order to rate the drug use, it is known that 4 of the 5 responded to the drug treatment and 1 of the 5 patients were not affected by the drug treatment. If this is the case, the medication used to prevent this condition, known as "resistant epilepsy", can be replaced, but if there is still no result, the patient can be taken to an epilepsy center and subjected to epilepsy surgeon procedures by specialists.
Precautions for epilepsy treatment
In the treatment of epilepsy patients, as mentioned in the previous article, sometimes the body may not respond to medication. In such situations, there is no sense of hope in getting a healthy body. Only in these types of controls, the patient is treated with the same dose of a different drug, the treatment process is continued. Of course, when the patient uses a medicine given by a doctor at a certain period of time and then stops his / her attacks, he / she believes that he / she has overcome his / her illness by his / her individual thought.

The-process-treatment of epilepsy

Taking a thorough note of all the episodes of your epileptic seizures will be a very important step for your illness. You can demonstrate these detailed experiences to your physician when you are conducting the treatment and it will enable you to solve some points that you can not notice in your illness.

If you get caught in another disease and use other medications in the course of your epilepsy medication, you should never leave your epileptic medication to use these medications. Since there is no inconvenience to take such medicines with other medicines, there is no way to leave them.

If your epilepsy epileptic attacks have entered the procedure, it is recommended that you use your medications at the same level and at the same frequency. If your attacks continue to be unbalanced despite the fact that you have used the same regimen for a period of 4 months, you should still continue to use your medications without interruption, and your doctor should take advantage of these medications until you find the appropriate medication.

It is absolutely inappropriate for individuals with epilepsy to work in professional areas such as military service, the heavy arms of industry, the construction industry, or the job.

It is extremely inconvenient for sick people to enter the sea or the pool without knowing that their passing is definitely finalized. No entry into the sea or pool should be undertaken without the presence of someone under observation, after the attack has ceased, and before it is assured.

Persons with epilepsy are required to undergo liver health testing and blood count testing each year.

People with epilepsy should not be asleep for a long time, should not be in extreme stress situations during their life process, should not use alcoholic beverages, and should not travel under the sun in summer without having sustained their head for long periods of time.

In the marriage process of epilepsy patients, it is also necessary to consider the fact that the partner candidates who meet in the marriage process should never be suffering from epilepsy. Ordinary marriages should also be carried out by physician control processes, and if a woman with epilepsy is pregnant, all pregnancy processes must be under the supervision of a doctor.
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