what is cloud gate?

Cloud Gate is a world-renowned artifact in Chicago, Illinois, one of the 50 states of the United States, located in North America. The building was designed by British sculptor Anish Kapoor, born in India, and, unlike what was expected, has become a very interesting sculpture.

Cloud Gate is located in the Millenium Park in the center of Chicago. Cloud Gate, one of the most important figures of the region and a candidate for being a symbol of the city of Chicago, is a gigantic structure entirely made of stainless steel. The construction of Cloud Gate in AT & T Plaza in Millenium Park was started in 2004. Cloud Gate, which could not be completed in the planned time, could be completed in 2006. Cloud Gate, which has managed to become the most tourist attracted by the region, is called "Bean" because of its shape. Using 168 stainless steel plates in its construction, Cloud Gate is made from a material that will partly mirror. The weight of the materials used varies from 98 to 100 tons.

This work, designed by the Indian sculptor, contains a philosophy by Anish Kapoor, who designed it. Kapoor says that people are seeing themselves in the building and that people are happy with the reflection of the sky. It is in a space that you can pass under this structure. Thanks to this fold, the structure is likened to the facade. The first thing that comes to mind is the beans. A questionnaire was made in this regard, and over 80 percent of the questions asked about what it looked like gave a bean answer. In this sense, Cloud Gate is also known as "Beans". Cloud Gate was officially opened on May 15, 2006 and soon became a popular figure for local people as well as tourists.
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