what is a bubble fish? what are the features?

It is possible to say that the species known as "barbed fish" was originally a balloon fish. When fish species are generally evaluated, it is possible to say that one of the most interesting of them is balloon fish. Apart from these names, they are also known as "frog fish" and "hedgehog" because of the similarity of the structure of the body to the baloon.

There is information in the scientific world that the name "lagocephalus sceleratus" was first seen in 1869 when it first migrated to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and that it came from the Suez Canal. It is widely known around the world to live in the Red Sea, East Africa, the Indian Ocean, Japan and Australia.

What are the characteristics of a balloon fish?
If it is necessary to list the important characteristics of the balloon fish, the subject can be entered by mentioning the eyes of this fish. The balloon fish have a feature similar to the so-called "photochromic" lenses.

This type of lens-like structure in the eyes of these animals is either dark-colored or light-colored according to the light. When too much light comes into your eyes, it forms a protection shield that can be called a kind of chemical sunglasses. Apart from that, the balloon fishes can be terminated because of the poison they have in human life.

Normally, although our seas in our country do not always have a fish that are often confronted, fishermen can be confronted by hunting in the open, resulting in poisoning and death of the human being when consumed unconsciously.

The venom of the balloon fish causes death on both sides during hunting in the sea. That is, both the hunter who wants to hunt the balloon fish die by being affected by the poison of this fish, and the fish itself automatically dies because it is wounded while trying to hunt itself. As the bubble fish may be so deadly and dangerous, it should definitely be avoided by people who are not experts in their work, such as trying to cook.
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