what is alpha rays, what is it useful for?

Alpha rays are formed by the collection of helium atoms, formed by the separation of two electrons, which have a very fast moving ability, which can consist of elements with heavy nuclei. The alpha ray, one of the radioactive rays, carries particle properties. The American is composed of the nuclei of artificial radioactive elements such as neptunium plutonium, as well as the nuclei of natural radioactive elements such as uranium, radium and thyrium. The alpha beam, which can only travel 1-2 cm in the air, can be projected completely and completely into a thin area as hairy.

Uses of Alpha Rays

Gamma rays are generated by each alpha ray, from the first high energy state to the low energy state. The same is true for beta rays. That is, gamma rays are formed by low energy forms of alpha and beta rays.

Gamma rays, composed of alpha and beta rays, are used for cancer cell therapy in medicine. The gamma ray applied on the cancerous cell can kill the cancerous cell. Thanks to this method which is similar to the radiotherapy method, very successful developments have been made in applications made in patients with cancer and good results have been obtained.

Losses of Alpha Rays

However, the direct effect of alpha rays on the tissues is destructive. So the slightest careless alpha rays can cause permanent damage to the human body and can have quite dangerous consequences.

Structural Properties of Alpha Rays

The alpha rays, which can be generated by the loss of two electrons of the helium atom, consequently carry a positive charge of two units. Because they have these properties, that is, they carry electrical charges, they experience deviations in their transitions when exposed to magnetic effects.
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