what happens when the body is thirsty? water deficit what causes what?

Water, the main source of life, is the invaluable value and place in our lives. It is the real name of living water. Many dangerous disorders can arise in the absence of it. It controls the functioning of all organs. It manages brain development and other organs in the best way. Real oxygen is supplied from water. If the lack of water is too high, the weather will not be enough for you. There is enough water in an adult's body to have an average of 60% and 62%. It deals with the basics of life activities.

Almost all of the body develops with oxygen from the water. The healthy digestive system provides gastrointestinal motility, muscle and joint texture, and even blood flow through the veins. The real life source of water comes at the beginning of our vital functions. Even the smallest cell of water is necessary. What happens when you get lost in a body-wasting water situation? Let's talk about the risks of water shortage. Let's see what these are exactly?

The intake of water, which is very necessary for the body, is very important. Daily amount of water is very important for a healthy life. For example, there are many differences between two people who drink only 2 glasses of water all day or 11 glasses of water. Dehydration is the factor that may occur in the amount of little drinking water. Death is the description that the body has lost fluid. The body is now undergoing dehydration after intense water loss.

All the organs have been almost destroyed and even the vital organs have almost come to the brink of bankruptcy. The risk factor here is quite large. You need to consciously consume water for a healthy development and a long life. Keep in mind that while the working mechanism of your organs leads to healthier dimensions, your thinking system will be broader and more comprehensive. The oxygen that passes through the brain allows for the formation of a good system of thinking. What are the risks and illnesses that may arise in the case of low water intake? I will let you know about this.

Water Loss leads to what?

Living by the water of the body leads to premature aging. The body is cleaner than you, wants new water. Every day thousands of cells find life with water that you provide to it. The organs continue to lose their function with the amount of water you give them, and as you drink the water, you are storing more healthy oxygen in your body every day. Another name is the consumption of water, known as the source of life, and its quantity determines the age of your life. In fact, the last move starts with the water that exists in your body as much as the cheeks. As urine diminishes, the organs are damaged.

Food causes laziness in the digestive tract with little fluid. Constipation problems and reduced digestion of solid foods occur in excess. As constipation increases and the amount of water decreases, severe aches and pains develop. The disturbance signals are now beginning to sound slowly. In the absence of water, blood pressure disorders occur.

In particular, blood pressure reduction is most visible in water loss. Dehydration, cold hands are formed. As the perspiration rate increases, the body begins to sweat its water together with sweat. The eyes shrink down. The dryness gradually increases and the skin moisture balance is gradually lost. Old age develops rapidly. Stomach and intestinal movements slow down the multiplication. Blood count is reduced. Blood cells start to die.

Various diseases due to shortness of breath occur. Weaknesses in muscle and joints multiply and even lead to sudden pain. Blockage in the respiratory tract. In the case of water reduction, the heart runs unhealthy and sudden heart attacks occur. It is adversely affected by other organs. In short, when the water is deficient, the body goes out of control and even leads to sudden deaths. Set as much as possible for water and at least 10 cups. Healthy days with wishes.
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