what causes the left eye twitch? how does it go?

Left eye twitch or myocyte is a repetitive and involuntary contraction of the eye muscles. It is usually seen in the upper eyelid.

These contractions, which most people experience, are mild. Sometimes this can be severe enough to cause both eyelids to close, which is called blepharospasm.

Contractions are usually seen every few seconds or one minute per minute. The left eye twelfth may continue even at intervals of several days. You can even live a twitch again for weeks.

They are painless and painless and usually do not produce a complaint. Many eye tweens can go without a treatment.

In very rare cases, if there are other motions besides the eye zone, the eye zones can be a sign of a chronic movement.

Left eye twitches are like eye irritation or itchiness, eye strain, fatigue, insomnia, physical bother, side effects of some medications, stress, alcohol, caffeine or nicotine use.

How can the left eye twinge be treated?
The left eye is usually too dangerous to require a medical intervention. However, chronic eye spasms can also be a sign of other disorders in the brain or nervous system.

If the eye is reddened, swollen, or out of liquid
If your upper eyelid hangs
If every eye has twenty seasons, if your eyes are completely closed
If eye twelfth lasts for weeks
If the eye twelfth begins to affect other parts of the face
If you are constantly experiencing twitching in the left eye, keep a record of your caffeine, cigarette and alcohol usage, how long you have slept, and consult your doctor.

If you are twitching in the days when you are sleepy in your eyes, try to sleep normally half an hour ago. You can also control the situation by applying the following suggestions:

For less coffee.
Limit smoking and alcohol use.
Get enough sleep.
When contraction begins you can hold an eye warm cloth lightly.
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