what are tetanus? Symptoms?

Information on tetanus disease
It is known that tetanus disease is a serious disease that can be as much as the end result of bacterial conditions. The main condition to be mentioned about the disease is that the disease is known as "tetanus" among the people, but in fact the true name is "tetanus". Tetanus disease is a disease that can be seen for life, but it can occur more frequently in the last dawn of elderly people in short periods after birth.

Tetanus, also known as "fevered fever" among people, can actually be seen as a very common disease, but due to the fact that tetanus vaccination is a common practice, it can not show this prevalence. It is a disease that can cause a death threat in the countries that are among the 3rd world countries where the most vaccination application does not exist.

The history of tetanus disease
This disease has been known for the first time since ancient Egyptian and Greek physicians introduced it. The first definition was made in 1888 by a scientist called Gowers. Countries with more than 1,000,000 cases of tetanus within a year are also known.

Tetanus disease is caused by a bacteria, which can also be abbreviated as "C. tetani", medically called "clostridium tetani". These open bruises that occur on the skin are beginning to infect these bacteria. The biggest problem with this disease is that it is a type of bacterium that can be seen at any age and is at risk of death if it is not under protection.

C. The spores belonging to the Tetani bacterium are transmitted in areas where the skin integrity of the body has deteriorated, in contact with wounded areas and contacts with foreign bodies. However, in wounds taken with penetrating and sinking tools; When the bacteria are triggered by microbes such as soil, dust and clothes, the spores of the bacteria in this region multiply rapidly.

In some cases it is not known exactly where the tetanus virus comes from, but it has a low rate of 7%. In cases where the source can not be determined, it is checked whether the tooth infections, ear infections, or shoe nails are forming a latent wound on the foot.
What is the symptom of tetanus?
First of all, as a preliminary symptom of the disease, it is the most obvious symptom of painful muscle spasms, although it is the main symptoms such as the headache of the person, the beginning of hypersensitivity, the constant irritability.

This condition, which first affects the jaw muscles, causes a very distressing contraction process to pass from there to the food conduit, creating swallowing problems and breathlessness problems in the person. It continues here and spreads to back muscles and back muscles. The fire, however, can be found 40 degrees. Muscles on the whole face are contracted to form a continuous smile.

Since both the body and the muscles in the body begin to contract quite often and intensely, the trunk extends forward and the head also thrusts backwards. This disorder of posture is called "opistotonus". As the initial contractions continue to be mildly severe, they can turn into crises of contagious contractions.

In the initial phase of the disease, there is no mental problem even if the body starts to suffer from stress. As time progresses, mental competence declines and this stasis can continue for a week.

Treatment of tetanus disease
Patients who are determined to have tetanus as a result of the investigations and controls made must first of all have tetanus vaccination. It is necessary to renew the vaccine at certain intervals even if it is vaccinated in advance. Tetanus vaccine is known to protect for several years and it is known that it should provide protection for at least 10 years and should be renewed after 10 years.

Of course, it is also important to consider the possibility that the treatment of the disease is delayed. This is because if there is a lot of infections in the area and the spread of the infection spreads, it also carries a life-threatening risk to the person. In other words, it is known that in some cases this disease has resulted in death.

In order to avoid being under such threats, it is absolutely necessary to have a tetanus shot hit; even if it progresses, as a resident patient, it is necessary to start treatment in a dimly lit environment.
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