what are the characteristics of guppy fish?

The main location is South America, where guppy is found almost everywhere in the world today. Men are colorful and their females are simple. The guppy fish are both ostentatious and peaceful, and because of their easy breeding, we see them in many aquariums. Because they are not aggressive, they can easily live with other species of fish. You can easily feed this fish at home, which is very easy to maintain.

Guppy fish in the aquarium
The guppy does live, does not spill eggs. Growth and development of the flies is easy, but when the mother's guppies are hungry, they can eat their offspring and this must be fed regularly and there should be abundant greenery and coral ornaments in the aquarium. Female guppy should be three times the number of male guppy fish in the aquarium. Female guppies can produce an average of 10-50 pups, and if there is a species of fish in the aquarium that will disturb the guppies, there will be no regular and healthy puppies.

In order for guppies to have a healthy life in the aquarium, the water temperature should be taken into consideration. The average 40 liter aquarium water should be 26-28 degrees. Fish should be enlightened for only 12 hours. There should be plenty of greenery in the aquarium, but the guppies should be the kind that they can not eat the greens because they are both carnivorous and herbivorous.

How is sexism separated in the guppy?
Gender discrimination can be made more easily compared to other aquarium fish. Male guppy fish are smaller in color and striking, with teeth in simpler and larger sizes. As in other species of fish, there are also fin differences, female guppy fins are wide and wide, and male guppies have thin and long fins.

How should the guppy fish be fed?
Even though it is a living thing, it is usually herbivorous. Newborns should also be heavily fed with protein to ensure a healthy diet. Newborn, offspring guppies should be fed at least 2 to 7 times a day.
How does guppy fish production work?
Production of guppies does not require multiple efforts. As long as the aquarium conditions do not exist in extreme difficulties, they can produce guppies. The duration of pregnancy varies from 22 to 31 days. Within 3-4 days after birth, mother fish recover themselves. It must have been at least 6 weeks to put the newborn guppy fish among adult fish. Male offspring can be counted as an adolescent within 2.5-3 months, and their females need 3 months longer to be counted as adolescents. There are some points to be aware of to ensure a healthy reproduction and a healthy life for newborns, some of which are:

Plastic Guppy Roughness: The only purpose and advantage is to prevent the offspring from defeating. However, maternal guppies that are or are about to give birth in plastic puppies have sometimes been observed to have been stricken.

Tulle Morality: According to the plastic puppy, the mother puts less stress.

Separate Aquarium: Because of the characteristics of the guppy, the fish can not get used to the water temperature and the change of environment very quickly, so even if they are pregnant, the aquarium should not be changed for guppy fish.

Birth in Main Tank: The most healthy and recommended type of birth. Both pregnant fish and their offspring can have a comfortable and healthy birth without altering the aquarium conditions and without entering the maternal guppy.
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