what are the benefits of face and skin on kantaron oil?

Kantaron oil, which is a very healing substance obtained from the essence of cantalon flower, is preferred for most discomfort today with its healing effects.

Here are the benefits of cantonal oil for skin problems
1- Acne, skin with acne problems;

While the natural antiseptic properties of corn oil are purified from the skin bacteria, the anti-inflammatory, soothing feature prevents the rebels from getting out again. Because it helps to clean the skin, it is recommended for getting rid of acne and for good skin.

2- Stained and reddish-looking skin;

Redness in the skin, usually in the face, is usually the skin is sensitive and thin, so that our veins themselves are overdone. The characteristic of vasoconstrictive, that is, the narrowing and shrinking of veins, regulates blood vessels and blood flow and reduces the red light on your skin regularly. When applied to the sun or the wound spots, the skin that appears clean and color-matched over time can be reached.

3- Problems of rash in infants;

Kantaron oil, soothe and soothe the skin, reducing burning sensation and shortness of breath. It can be used not only in babies, but also in general rash areas.

4- Use on burns and injuries;

It helps to relieve the pain and relieve the pain, as it is in rash treatment when it is applied on the burns, and it helps the skin texture to heal in a shorter time. In the wound, it protects against microbe, prevents infections and improves healing with rapid healing properties and stops bleeding.

5- Wrinkles, old age spots and skin instability;

Excessive use can lubricate the skin, but when used in doses, you can get a fresher, smoother appearance with the revitalizing and refreshing effect of corn oil.

6- To reduce the appearance of varicose veins;

This scientifically proven oil that regulates blood circulation reduces the appearance of heirs when regularly massaged in troubled areas.
7- Use in the treatment of biceps;

It is also shown as the definite solution for the lice that appear in the hair of the hair when the wort is boiled and used.

8- Hemorrhoid treatment;

Hemorrhoids are also a skin problem in our anus region. It tightens the troubled region with the vasoconstrictive properties of the stomach oil and stops the bleeding (if any).


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