what are the benefits and losses of the energy drink?

In general, stimulant medicines and caffeine, which are put on the market due to providing mental and physical stimuli, are aroma drinks. Self-caffeinated beverages like tea coffee are not considered energy drinks, and caffeine joint drinks such as coke can not count as energy drinks. It has been understood that energy drinks cause health problems as a result of alcohol consumption, and that repeated consumption causes heart and psychiatric diseases.

Losses of Energy Drink
As there are not enough studies on energy drinks, the effects on health are not known exactly.

Keep children away from energy. Insomnia, restlessness, bed wetting and even anxiety are common in children and adolescents who drink energy drinks.

Energy drink is affecting pregnancy. Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, you should be warned not to drink pregnant.

Not consumed with alcohol. Although it is not known exactly what is the result of consumption with alcohol, it is well known that the number of deaths in the past has increased.

Active athletes should pay attention. In order to increase energy, they sometimes prefer these drinks instead of water, but caffeine causes the water in the body to be lost, which causes more water loss.

Ingredients in Energy Drink
 Caffeine and stimulants
Vitamin B
Flavoring substances
Is there alcohol in the energy drink?
The sale of energy drinks with warnings that there is more alcohol and caffeine inside by the Consumers Union was banned again by the council and then released again with the Ministry of Agriculture notification. Even if there are a lot of different substances in energy drinks, there is no alcohol.

Does Energy Drink Increase Sexual Power?
Energy drink does not increase sexual power, but as a result of long-term use, many diseases are encountered.

Energy Drink Benefits
Although we can not say that energy drinks are beneficial to human health or metabolism, you may be able to be more vigorous and supportive thanks to the caffeine in it.
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