what are the banana shell benefits?

Bananas grown in tropical regions are beneficial in terms of heart, vein, bone and eye health. The banana is made up of 75% water, and the banana consumed even more than apples and oranges in the world is a complete food store. It contains a large amount of potassium, a very nutritious nutrient. It is a satisfying feature because it is fiber intensive. This shell, which surrounds the fruit and is usually picked up after it is picked up, has a wide range of uses ranging from shoe cleaning to facial masks.

Benefits of Banana Shell
- You can use it to whiten the banana shell inside. Once you brush your teeth for this, then you just have to put the inside of the banana shell in your teeth. You can do it twice a day.

- If you use it as a massage tool and rub it in painful areas, you will see the decrease in bone pain.

- You can also clean your shoes with banana peel. Banana is the main source of potassium found in shoe polish.

- You can remove a lot of itch on the skin.

Benefits of Banana Custard on the Skin
Protection from the sun by banana shell: In the summer months, to protect your eyes, you keep the banana shell under the sun for some time and continue to protect the sun from the sun.

Protection from scratches and redness after mosquito bites: If you go inside the skin of the itchy or reddish zone, you will see that itching will decrease.

Wart treatment with banana shell: wrap the banana shell in the warts zone and open it in the morning. It has been observed that this process is improved regularly for a week or two.

Acne treatment with banana peel: Apply the banana peel to the area where the acne is present for five minutes. You will apply regularly for a week, and at the end of this process a noticeable difference will occur.
Can Banana Shell be eaten?
Once you have washed thoroughly, there is no harm in eating the banana crust, and the shells of ripe banana are eaten more easily. As an easier way to eat, you can boil the banana shells for about 10 minutes and then purge them with the help of blendar. You can consume these bananas mixed with milk and become purée.

Does Banana Skull Weak?
The banana attracts excess water from your body and keeps you satisfied for a long time. The banana eaten before the exercises provides all the energy needed during the exercise. Although the banana is not a direct effect on weight loss, it helps your diets to keep you warm. We share 3 recipes to be made with banana peanuts:

1) Cut the ends of the banana shells, boil for 10 minutes, siphon and consume either hot or cold.

2) Boil and bloom the green muze skin for 5 minutes. Eat this water and bananas hungry, it will make you both tired and easy to burn fat.

3) Boil with 3-4 pieces of marzipan for 10 minutes. After boiling, add some cinnamon into the water and consume it in the evening. Fat burning will continue throughout the night.
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