volkswagen's model produced over 56 years

One of the milestones of automobile history is saying goodbye. In other words, one of the world's most productive vehicles, at the end of the road. Ford T Model, Wilys Overland (first Jeep), Land Rover, Volkswagen Beetle (VW Type 1), Porsche 911 .... This class is a popular demand during the period of its production; but we can add the Volkswagen Kombi, which is goodbye to the tapes because the fuel and safety norms will be costly to implement.

Volkswagen Type 2 as 4821_3-4_traseiraEsas; Combi, which was produced in Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Australia and lastly in Brazil and finished on the last day of 2013, was produced as 60 special series kombi last edition model in son. The latest versions reach the buyer at a price of 26. 700 Euros. The series is still on the Volkswagen Brazil website. The 1.4-liter engine was the first vehicle to be built in Germany in 1949. From 1957 to 31.12.2013 in Brazil, South America is addressing. Type 2 is actually the first Transporter series, Type 1 legendary automobile Beetle, Volkswagen Turtle in our name. Type 2, the Transporter Series has been renovated over time and comes with different generations, Type 2 has been able to come up to the beginning of this year because of its simplicity and business visibility besides economic in developing countries.

Kombi (last name) we see as minibus, panel van, van, even today as a caravan or meat shop; Bus, Lieferwagen, Camper, Transporter, Microbus model name, while the Parrot in Poland, Hector in Canada, Locomotive in Finland, Samba in Germany, Buli, Hippimobil nicknames were very popular. Since 1949; Powered by 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 2.0 liter petrol engines, the car was finally offered with a 1.4 liter power pack. The rear-engined, rear-wheeled vehicle, while retaining the design elements of the era, looked all smiles with its rounded headlights!

The last 60 minibuses are sung with blue lines from the glass to the base, white from the glass to the ceiling and blue and white lines from the interior. Inside the car, the blue curtains complete the completeness with the Kombi writing, while the tires emphasize that everything is ready and well maintained, like white rims and cheeks. The symbol of the 1960s cultural movements, the Volkswagen Boiler will remain in memory as one of the most popular and demanding vehicles in the automotive world.
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