videos auto-playing in the new version of google chrome may be blocked

Especially when social media accounts move around on the main stream page, suddenly opened videos continue to bother many users. With the new version of Google Chrome, the videos that are automatically opened will be confused.

The latest update, version 66, includes video settings that automatically stop playing in Chrome. Google is rolling out these changes in a phased, personalized way. Thus, Chrome can set which sites should be blocked and which sites should not be blocked. This feature will prevent videos from running automatically when you visit a new site.

If you do not agree to automatically play any video in the past on a site, Google will remember them and your settings on that site will be available later. If you've played a video on YouTube, it will continue to play automatically. It's also worth noting that this feature is different than the "get all site" feature in Chrome 64.

If you are not using Chrome as your browser and you do not have a lot of pages in your background, you'll probably be getting more "autoplay". As you start to use the platform and choose your options yourself, the features in your pages will be shaped accordingly.

In addition to these features, Google has also announced new features for Windows 10 users. However, it is not yet clear which version of these features will cause confusion.

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