tunisia is the united place of africa and the mediterranean

Tunisia, a North African country with a coast to the Mediterranean, is a country of tremendous beauty, which has been home to different civilizations throughout history. To the north of Tunisia is the Mediterranean Sea and to the south is the Great Sahara Desert. By this way Tunisia is a country with a sea on one side and a desert on the other. In Tunis, where the summers are hot and the winters are mild, the mountains run parallel to the coast. Throughout history, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Ottomans lived in Tunisia. Every country has a share in Tunisian culture. From architecture to culture, from customs to lifestyles, there are footprints of civilization living in every area, Tunisia. Because Tunisia is an old Ottoman province, it carries a piece from us.

Because Tunisia is a country with unique beauty, it is among the countries that can be chosen for cultural tourism, and because the sea and the beaches are extremely clean, it is also a beautiful country that can be preferred for summer vacation. Tunisia can be visited without visa from our country. Tunisia has two official languages. French and Arabic speaking countries are reached by a plane journey which takes about 3 hours. There are places to be seen in this magnificent country where Africa and the Mediterranean are united, food to be defeated, and beautiful souvenirs to be bought. Places that should definitely be seen in Tunisia;

Situated in the city of Sousse, on the coast of Tunis, Monastir is a Phoenician-style building on the seashore. Monastir, an old trading center, still has its history. There is a magnificent castle on the front of the house which has been preserved for years.

2. Zaytuna Mosque
Zaytuna Mosque, the oldest mosque in Tunisia, is a magnificent masterpiece built in 734. The mosque, which means olive tree, covers an area of ​​5 thousand square meters.

3. Carthaca
Carthage, which must be seen and visited in Tunisia, is a region where remains from Roman civilization. Amphitheater, artisans and baths are located in the Carthage area.

4. Bardo Museum
The Bardo museum is another place where visitors to Tunisia must visit. Bardo Museum, which is the biggest mosaic museum of the world for years, is now a museum where great works are exhibited even though this title is now occupied by the Gaziantep Zeugma Museum.

5. Sidi Bou Said
Among the areas to be seen in Tunisia, the Sidi Bou Said region is among the places to be seen with its architecture, streets and image beauty.

6. Great Sahara Desert
The Great Sahara Desert in Tunisia's Douz district is the warmest desert in the world. It is possible to open with the develer, jeeps and horses in the Great Sahara Desert covered with soft sand. For those who have never seen desert before, this is definitely a place to be seen.

7. Tabarka
If you want to do a sea holiday in Tunisia, you must definitely go to Tabarka, Tunisia's most touristy city. You can enjoy the sun and the sea in Tabarka with its clean beaches and sea.

8. Habib Bourguiba Boulevard
Habib Bourguiba Boulevard, the most important boulevard of Ville Nouvelle, which is called Tunisia's new city, is a road with all the important buildings. You can take a walk on the boulevard, get souvenirs from the shopping centers on the road, sip special Tunisian coffee and tea in the cafés.

9. Souq el Trouk
Souq el Trouk, called the Turkish Bazaar, is located in the Medina region of Tunisia. You can buy fragrances, precious oils, beautiful fabrics from the bazaar where beautiful souvenir items are located.

10. Dar Ben Abdullah Museum
Today it is used as a museum, which is a very grand palace. Tunisia is among the places you should see with this decoration that symbolizes architecture and rich life.

Thousands of mosques, madrasas, museums and parks you can visit in Tunisia. It is a city that will captivate you with its stalactites and sculptures. The cultural heritage of the city was retained, and along with it, the development has also succeeded in becoming an open modern country. Tunisian cuisine is similar to that of other countries in the Mediterranean. There is a kitchen with olive oil, seafood, lamb and sheep meat, bitter spices and fresh vegetables. There are a lot of bazaars to shop in Tunisia. From authentic furnishings to modern souvenirs you can find everything. You can get very nice gifts to yourself and your loved ones. You can spend an extremely enjoyable time in this country which is in the middle of Africa and the Mediterranean.

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