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The Balkans, which are both close to us in both cultural and geographical sense; the common history of our citizens with the influence of our past the most preferred destinations. In the Balkans there is history, there is culture, there is architecture, why are not you also? We have compiled for you the best 7 Balkan cities that can be reached by air or by road.

1. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, the indispensable stop for Balkan tours, is a typical Ottoman city. Başçarşısı, Sebil'i, Clock Tower, Gazi Hüsrev Madrasa and the Mosque will take you back with many lanterns. With its interesting story, İnat Evi will be a different discovery stop for the Hope Tunnel which is vital for the Bosnian time. The area where the slits formed in the courtyard of the sarcophagus bombs in front of the Sarajevo Cathedral are filled with red resin makes the cold face of the war feel. Endless Fire is also a monument to keep the memory of those who died in battle. The traces of the genocide can also be seen in the 11/07/95 Gallery. Vrelo Bosnian National Park is considered to be the most beautiful region of Sarajevo in terms of natural beauty.

2. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has a lot of options in terms of places to visit, where tourist attractions are close to each other is a tourist friendly city. Kalemegdan Fortress and park is the most touristic area of the city. The view of Belgrade from the residence, the Sava and the Danube River must be watched absolutely. Belgrade, with its cathedrals, museums, cafes and restaurants, is a visa-free city with many citizens in recent years. Do not go back to Knez Mihailova Street without having to sit in a café, drink Turkish coffee, go to Zemun for the best sunset in Belgrade, and see Ada Ciganlija for nature and green.

3. Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia's capital city, Zagreb, is Europe's greenest capital. With historical buildings, baroque and gothic examples of architecture, Zagreb naturally attracts visitors from all over the world. Ban Jelacic Square, Dolac Market which is a big open-air market and nice touristic place are waiting for you in Zagreb. One of the most interesting museums in the world, the Museum of Bitlis Relations, Maksimir Park is a must see place to take a break in the city life. The country in Central Europe has a rich cuisine as it interacts with many countries.

4. Prizren, Kosovo

All the works to be seen in Prizren, the Ottoman conquest in 1455, are around the old city. The city symbol is Namazgah, Taşköprü on the Bistriça River which divides the city into two, Şadırvan region and Sinan Paşa Mosque are some of the places to visit. For a view of the city you can go to Prizren Castle, a medieval castle, you can take the most beautiful panoramic photographs. History BC You can make a holiday full of history and culture in the 2nd century city; You can enjoy the tastes of Turkish, Albanian and Balkan cuisine.

5. Ohrid, Macedonia

Macedonia's southern city is a holiday town with its historical and natural beauty, with its oxygen rich mountain air, Lake Ohrid, Europe's oldest and deepest lake. It is possible to see many traces from the Ottoman Empire in the city which was conquered by Istanbul in 1395 and entered Ottoman rule. There are many facilities and hotels around the lake. There is a wide range of hiking trails and bicycle paths. Ohrid Castle, St. Sophia Church and Ohrid houses reminiscent of our Safranbolu houses are historical buildings that can be seen.

6. Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, one of the most beautiful coasts of the Adriatic Sea, has become a port city for marines throughout history. This beautiful Mediterranean city, the Maritime Museum and the islands, with its maritime-related features, is home to medieval artifacts and even to see Kotor Bay. Montenegrin food culture resembles Italian cuisine. You can find many familiar tastes in our kitchen in the famous city with cheese.

7. Tirana, Albania

Tirana, the capital of Albania, was founded during the Ottoman Empire. In the city which was dominated by the Ottoman Empire for centuries, Although many works have been damaged in World War II, Ottoman traces can still be seen easily. Tirana, one of the most sunny European cities, is easily accessible on foot. In a tour that will start from Iskender Bey Statue in the center, Clock Tower, Ethem Bey Mosque, museums and many other important buildings can be seen. You can shop, buy pottery and ceramics from the shops on the main streets in Tirana, where you can eat Albanian cusine on the spot and enjoy the taste of the plastered ceiling.
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