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Google, one of the world's largest search engines, has searched for the most sought-after destinations in your travel category and shared important tips for you to visit and navigate.

Anyone who is thinking of going out for a trip and planning for summer vacation should certainly look at this list and the tips we share. You can learn brief but important information about cities.

We are confident that you will have difficulty deciding which of the 10 cities you will often visit in your travels.

Here are the 10 most sought-after cities in the travel category on the Internet;

10. London (UK)
London, the capital of Britain, is ranked 10th among the top travel destinations on the internet. It has a population of about 9 million people in London, one of the most visited places of tourists. When you go to London you definitely need to see places:

London Eye
The 135-meter-long London Eye is the largest and the largest ferris wheel in Europe. Tourists are the first stop when they come to London. Completed in 1999, this historic legend has become one of the city's greatest symbols.

When you go to London, you can go to the London Eye between 11am and 6pm for about half an hour at £ 22.5. In this giant ferris wheel located on the banks of the River Thames, people enjoy about 1-1.5 hours of fun and take great pictures.

Big Ben (Clock Tower)
The Big Ben Clock Tower in London, right next to the Westminster Palace, is very important for London.

This giant clock, opened in 1859, is four hundred and is the second largest clock tower in the world. With your proximity to the London Eye, this is your second stop.

London Castle
This legendary structure built in 1988 is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Located at the heart of London, London Castle hosts its guests on the north bank of the River Thames. If you want to visit this historic site you can go between 09:00 and 16:30.

And others
There are excellent sightseeing places, museums, historical buildings and houses that you can visit when you go to Londora.

Some of those; Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and London Natural History Museum. When you go to London you will never be bored!

9. Vienna (Austria)
Vienna is the capital of Austria during the 9th time of the list. It is the most populous city in the country with a population of approximately 2 million. The main places to visit in Vienna;

Schönbrunn Palace
The Schönbrunn Palace, the summer palace of the Habsburg Dynasty, is a historic site built in 1699. Tourists are the most important places to visit the most in Vienna. To visit the Schönbrunn Palace you have to go between 08:00 and 17:00.

Hofburg Imperial Palace
This historical palace is one of the oldest palaces in service in 1279. It is an important historic building that has been home to important people from the Hungarian Empire, including Austria. You have to go between 09:00 and 17:30 to visit the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

St. Stefan Cathedral
This historic building in Stephansplatz, located in Vienna's center in 1137, is one of the most important symbols of Vienna. This historical structure is visited by approximately 3 million people every year in the world. If you want to visit here, you need to pay around € 15.00 from your pocket.

Vienna State Opera
The Vienna State Opera House, opened in 1869 with a magnificent performance, was opened with the work of Mozart's Don Giovanni and this opening was spoken around the world. It is one of the most important operas in Europe. In this opera, which has a capacity of about 1700 people, 60 opera and ballet shows are performed every year and it has an important place in music culture.

8. Brugge (Belgium)
The most famous landmarks in the city of Brugge in the 8th place of Listen are Burg Square, Koning Albertpark, Concertgebouw, St. Salvator's Cathedral and Old St. John's Hospital. Do not forget to visit these places when you go to Brugge

7. Budapest (Hungary)
Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is a city formed by the merger of Budin and Peste, dividing the Danube into two. It is called one of the most romantic cities for Budapest. The Chain Bridge, which combines the Danube River in the evening, is highly praised for its beautiful appearance.

When you come to Budapest you are definitely the main places to visit; Budin Castle, St. Stefan Basilica, Heroes Square, Vörösmarty Square, Parliament Building and Szechenyi Bridge.

We can continue with the 6th order of our list.

6. Florence (Italy)
Florence is the capital of the Tuscan region of Italy. Tourists come from all over the country, including travelers to Florence, which is home to spectacular scenery thanks to the Arno River surrounding the city.

Florence's most famous places to visit; Duomo Cathedral, Saint Giovanni Baptistery, Signoria Square, Loggio dei Lanzi Open Air Museum and Pitti Palace.

We can continue with the 5th Order of our List.

5. Rome (Italy)
Rome, the capital of Italy, is famous for its historical architecture in all other countries. All the travelers looking for history flock to Rome. It is definitely one of the places to be seen before dying. 2850 It has been practiced in the streets of this city which is a wonderful history of the year.

The most prominent place in Rome's main sightseeing spots is the Coliseum. The Coliseum, which smells of history, is an arena for warriors. Places you will definitely want to visit in Rome except the Colosseum; St. Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican Museums and Navona Square.

We can continue with the 4th line of our list

4. Paris (France)
Paris in the 4th place of the list is the capital of France. Paris, built on the River, has beautiful places to visit.

The Eiffel Tower, which is the most famous in Paris and can be seen almost anywhere in Paris, is famous among tourists. In Paris you can find a lot of history, places and places about culture, art, history and monuments.

Places you can visit mainly after the Eiffel Tower in Paris; Louvre Palace, Disneyland, Notre Dame Cathedral, Orsay Museum, Tuileries Garden, Concorde Square and Champs Elysées.

We can go on with our 3rd line of our list.

3. Prague (Czech Republic)
Prague is the capital and the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague, with a population of about 1.5 million, is known as the "Golden City". Since Prague did not suffer too much blows during World War II, It is one of the most visited places of tourists by hosting many historical places and buildings like Vitus Cathedral.

When you come to Prague, there are definitely places to visit; The Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Wenceslas Square, the National Museum, the Strahov Monastery, the Prague Zoo and an interesting architectural monument, the Dancing House, are certainly worth seeing.

We can continue with number 2 of our list.

2. Sydney (Australia)
Sydney, one of Australia's oldest settlements, is fascinating people with its visuals built on the shores of Jackson Harbor. Beaches and harbors covered with white sand, which are especially tourist attractions, attract attention. The Sydney Opera House has become a symbol of the city and one of the most important structures of the 20th century.

When you come to Sydney, there are definitely places to visit; Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Darling Harbor, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Luna Park.

Vee came to the top of our list.

1. Kyoto (Japan)
Kyoto, Japan's largest city, is one of the oldest empire cities. As one of the cities that best embraces Japan's history, its historical temples, monasteries and magnificent cherry trees provide excellent views.

here to be able to travel without visas from Turkey to Japan especially, you need to go and ride opening cherry trees in April.

Some of Kyoto's wonderful places to visit; Fushimi Inari Shrine, Tō-ji, Shimogamo Shrine, Kinkaku-ji, Nijo Castle, Sanzen-in, Arashiyama, Toei Kyoto Studio Park and Shugakuin Imperial Villa.

We would definitely recommend you to go to Kyoto, our first stop on our list. 🙂 Good trips.
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