to see dirty plate in the dream

To see a dirty dish in the dream is to say that some problems will arise in marriage nowadays, especially the troubles about livelihood will come to the language. Drawing attention to the fact that wrong spending or unnecessary attitudes increase the financial troubles in the country, the dream also expresses that couples will be able to experience tension in money affairs, solve this problem by mutual speaking and frugality. In Islamic interpretations, the dirty dish comes to the house and forbids the haram trowel or the non-halal winner, and advises the person to be careful in this regard. The dream that informs that injustice should not be done in order to earn money suggests that one should consciously refrain from sinning and force every circumstance to win halal money.

Dirty dishwashing in the sunset

If the person who dirty dishwasher in his / her home is married, he / she will cover up a mistake made by his / her partner or save him from a difficult situation. Reflecting the troubles in the house to the outside, it means to solve all kinds of problems in the household. The person who sees this dream will be tense and will not disclose anyone's openness, do not gossip or reveal their secrets. Demolishing a dirty dish at someone else's home means getting to know an important person about someone who is familiar with it, witnessing a situation that someone is hiding or finding an open space.

Dirty Plate to throw
To throw away dirty dishes is to try to get rid of it by denying the mistake usually made. Although it has been comfortable for a while, it expresses that the dream owner will be in a difficult situation by noticing this situation very soon. It is said to have experienced tense moments due to a mistake he wants to hide from his family and his surroundings.

Psychological Interpretation of Viewing Dirty Plates in the Night
It means to interfere in the affairs of others with the utmost good faith or to try to solve the problems of other people. Especially, the dreamer who falls into situations that do not have his duty tells him that he falls victim to the curiosity of his dream, that other people have taken care of every detail in his life,
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