the world's oldest airline; "avianca"

Avianca S.A. or "Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A.", with its Spanish expansion, is the leading airline of the South American continent. Avianca, South America's Colombian national airline, or in other words, the flag carrier, is considered to be the oldest airline in history. However, there is debate on this subject. For some, the world's oldest airline is KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline. However, official records reveal that Avianca is older than KLM. Avianca, an extremely important airline not only for South America but also for the whole world, is also a member of the world-famous airline alliance Star Alliance. Thanks to the membership of Star Alliance, Avianca can make "Code-Share" flights to every corner of the world. Avianca, one of the most important airline companies in Latin America, is now the second airline with the largest fleet in the region. Avianca uses the El Dorado International Airport in El Dorado, Colombia as its fleet. In addition, Avianca, El Salvador and Jorge Chavez use international airports as fleets.

Avianca is also the owner of Avianca Airlines, which is a national flag carrier of Colombia, but also includes countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru, as well as the names of these countries. This means that a large number of airplanes take place in the fleet of Avianca companies. When you want to fly to South America, Avianca is one of the first choices you can choose. When viewed, Avianca, which has scheduled flights to countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Oceania, travels to a total of 114 destinations worldwide. Avianca's motto, which schedules flights to 114 flight points with 173 flights in the fleet, "Es Por Ti" and "Con Todo Gusto". These mean "for you" and "pleasure"

Avianca's head office is located in Bogota, Colombia. In 2012 a full member of Star Alliance, Avianca airline alliance, Turkey's national airline and also with Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier can organize joint flights. Although the company carries 173 aircraft fleets at the ready, it has also ordered 143 new aircraft. The company mainly uses Airbus and Boeing aircraft. In addition to this, Avianca, French production ATR and Brazilian production Embraer model aircraft are also in the fleet. Avianca carries out long-range long-haul missions via Airbus production A330-200. In addition, Avianca incorporates the new generation Boeing 787-8. These planes are also very long-range and very frequently preferred. The company ordered 6 more 787-8 units. Through Avianca you can reach many cities of South America via Istanbul. These include direct scheduled flights.
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