the world's most interesting hotels

Some sectors are always pursuing innovation outside of the usual. Different structures, different styles, and original spaces have fallen into the effort to prepare. At the end of a holiday or trip, the hotel is usually arranged in the same style as the one in which you wish to stay and be comfortable for a short time. Sometimes, however, unusual hotels are also encountered. There are very interesting objects in every detail of these hotels. There are also those who make regular reservations, especially from these hotels. Those looking for adventure, those who want to add color to their life for a couple of days, should definitely take a look at my writing. We will present you with a very interesting list. What do you think of visiting the most interesting hotels in the world with us?

Our first stop is Costa Verde-Costa Rica. Do not you want to stay in a plane you traveled up to this time? Designed in 1965, the Boeing 727 was transferred from San Jose Airport to Manuel Antonio National Park. The interior is redesigned and placed in a 15-meter-high platform in the rainforest. There are hotel rooms waiting for you in the plane. At the entrance of the hotel, which is done from the distance, you can enjoy sipping chicken while resting on the deck which is made of mothers in the right wing of the plane.

Propeller Island City Lodge - Germany: This hotel, which is a joint address of those who want to live an artistic and authentic weather, brings antiquity to the old ages. In this hotel, which has 27 rooms, it has been tried to create a very different environment. Everything in the rooms will be placed differently and you will be surprised. You will not even get to know how the days are spent examining the surroundings. The rooms surrounded by the mirrors will put you in a fantastic atmosphere. The original pictures and objects on the walls are among the first to catch your attention.

Mirrorcube-Sweden: A thought that everyone lives in the trees though we live there in the trees. Climbing trees becomes an enjoyable game and sitting in the branches of the tree gives each person a different pleasure. In Sweden, such a thought has been a living thing. Mirrorcube is a tree hotel that is camouflaged around it. The cube-shaped hotel standing between the trees is covered with reflective glass and infra-red film to prevent the birds from crashing. When you see the structure of the hotel, you are sure to be admired. Every detail is considered for guests to stay. It will give you peace of mind to hear the sound of the woods from the hotel's window. You will feel very lucky to be in nature's lap.
Free Spirit Globes - Canada: Think of a big ball, a small bed and everything you need. Give it the name of Free Spirit Globes. There is a huge world waiting for you in the wooden façade built in the forest in a quiet place on Vancouver Island. Do not worry about the hanging images of these spheres being fastened with the help of the ropes. Every fine detail is considered for your safety.
Palacio de Sal-Bolivia: The most important feature of this hotel is that it consists entirely of salt. It was made of salt and all the goods were made of salt. Visualize how interesting an image you have. You can also take advantage of the salt health benefits of staying at this hotel. This hotel carries the distinction of being the only hotel made with salt in the world. The striking blocks on the front of the hotel are made of salt and salt water.

Poseidon Undersea Resort-Fuji: If I never give up on the sea, water is my lifestyle, then we have a good idea for you. This hotel, built under the sea at a depth of 40 meters, is aimed at passing guests a different minute because it is reminiscent of an aquarium. You should not be afraid of water to go to this hotel that can reach the submarines.

Utter Inn-Sweden: This magnificent hotel in the middle of Lake Malaren is a place of preference for those looking for a change. The bedrooms of this hotel on a floating platform are under 3 meters of water. It is a hotel where adventure seekers and water lovers want to stay and has the ability to attract people like a magnet with an image.
Magic Mountain-Chili: This mountain hotel, which is admirable with its exterior appearance, reminds us of winking windows and almost fairy houses from the vines. Moreover, while the sultry water flows from the top of this interesting mountain hotel, the greenery takes the person to other places. It is strongly recommended that nature guests stay in this original hotel. You can reach the hotel with a suspended wooden bridge and the windows are seen closely. What do you still stand to get into the atmosphere of this hotel, which is magical?
Crane Hotel - The Netherlands: Crane Hotel is one of the most diverse hotels you will ever see in your life, built on an authentic harbor vineyard. Do not be afraid of the attraction of being in the air at this hotel, where your feet will be turned off. There is a bedroom and bathroom in the hotel than you would expect. When you wake up in the morning, your breakfast is brought to your room and the elevator is accompanied.
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