the world's most interesting country boundaries

There are boundaries between us and the people of other countries. We are familiar; boundaries with large walls, netted with wireweights or mines. However, this situation is not so severe all over the world. On the world; There are boundaries that have left behind divisive borders and allowed you to move to another country in one step. You are welcome to some of the world's most interesting borders that you absolutely must see!

Norway - Sweden:

One of the most interesting borders on the globe is the pine trees, which are strictly considered as the border for Norway and Sweden. It is possible to see the people who perform snow sports all year round on the road separated by a long strip. It is one of the most wanted places on the world.

Brazil - Argentina:

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay will be a great choice for those who want to see a beautiful border of 3 continents away from each other at the intersection of two magnificent rivers. You will not be able to see a beauty that defies the natural appearance and at the same time the magnificent nature and the artificial borders in the world. It is possible to see waterfalls, interesting river animals and magnificent fish species on this natural border, which offers a different beauty for each country.

Nepal - China:
Everest, the most famous mountain in the world; It is known as the highest point in the world, but it is not the only feature. Everest, which has a special border feature between Nepal and China; it does not forget to offer spectacular views that many tourists of mountain sports want to see. It is quite a good decision to be chosen as a natural border for summertime, which is profitable and cold every season of the year. It is impossible to overcome such a marked spot. It is possible to say one of the most protected borders in the world.

Netherlands - Belgium:

You need to see this magnificent border between Belgium and the Netherlands. It is possible to see the NL sign from the other side B on one side of the boundary which is separated by the stones found immediately on the bottom and the cafes on the bottom. It is possible to say that the two countries where you can travel to another country and you will not even notice that the country is the border, the social border concept is the most beautiful. At this point you can see that the two countries are clearly influenced by each other's culture and architecture, it is almost impossible to believe that the two countries are separated from each other. You can sit in a nice café and watch the people who are on this border, and you can witness how social a border is. News Purpose

Poland - Ukraine:

The boundary defined on a large plateau has the qualities that will give you the most beautiful meeting of nature. It is possible that you will find yourself in this place where there are festivals organized on the border at certain times of the year. The festivals are quite artistic, of course this is reflected in the class. You can see the areas where the various drawings on the border are processed on the soil. As the people of both countries have border festivals with farms in general and the locals join, you can taste delicious foods and get to know the local culture more closely.

Vatican City - Italy:

It is not only a border, but also one worth seeing as a historical value; Roman and Vatican official border St. Peter's Square is known as one of the world's most visible borders. You will be amazed by this historic border and the unique architecture of Rome. Try to see the Vatican, which has a special meaning for the whole world and you often see in movies, among interesting borders.
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