the world's most beautiful places to visit in 30's

You left your 20s behind and you're 30s old. In this period when you earn more money than the 20's age it will be possible to make a holiday that is more free from every angle. We have compiled the places you can go, the cultures and towns that you need to know, for you, who are more mature, more cultured and more refined. Here are some of the most beautiful places in the world you can visit in your 30s:

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the cities that reflect Italian history and culture very well. Rome is known as Europe's most important cultural and arts center. Every year, millions of people visit Rome, one of Europe's most important churches, with a large collection of antiquities, museums and galleries of ancient times. These travels, which are made entirely for cultural and artistic purposes, are mostly performed by middle-aged people. One of the reasons is that prices are a bit salty for young travelers. So going to age 30 will be a more efficient tour.

London, United Kingdom

If you are in England when you are 20 years old you can not take advantage of all the facilities of the city. As a young traveler in this rather expensive city you may find it a bit difficult. You can benefit from all the blessings of London during this period when you are 20 years older than you are and you are not as old as your 40s. In Shoreditch you can meet new people, shop in Camden's crowded markets, explore London's cultural richness and experience the city's extraordinary nightlife. You can watch the city when you drink cream tea at The Ritz Carlton, a London classic. It is recommended that you visit this city, which appeals to more middle-aged people, without ending your 30s.

St Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, the cultural heart of Russia In St. Petersburg you will find rich palaces, amazing cathedrals and beautiful squares. This city, which is the cultural center of Russia, attracts more and more middle-aged travelers than young people. You can go to the northern Venetian region, see the Hermitage Museum, and see the extraordinary Russian architecture. Whether you are interested in music or not, get a ticket for the Black Swan on Mariinsky balloon and listen to Tchaikovsky's famous Opera. The Amber Chamber at the Isaac Cathedral and the Catherine Palace are other cultural attractions to be seen in the city. Ballet, palaces, classical music, classical art ... These may not be of interest in the 20s, but you can be sure that you will be attracted to your 30s.

Las Vegas, United States of America

Las Vegas nights are definitely for adults, not for young people. You can see the famous casinos in Vegas, the boxing match at MGM studios, and the people in their 30s who are having fun in the evenings. While this city appeals to hedonists and adrenaline patrons, it will incur costs that people in their 20s can not afford. Las Vegas, also known as the sin city among Americans, continues to be one of the most preferred places for adults to spend a long weekend and spend some money.

Costa Rica

Kelimin is literally a nature and natural state, and Costa Rica has the world's largest forests. It is a bit difficult to go to this country, where the tourists have shown great interest in seeing the ecological beauty of young people, because flights are quite expensive. It is the most important activity for middle-aged tourists to participate in jungle tours, white sandy beaches and adventure tours on this trip which you can meet during your 30's.
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