the world's 5 most eco-village

Among the factors that have led to the emergence of ecological villages are increasing environmental pollution in the world and the collapse of the cultural structure. Ecological villagers consist of people who live in nature with all living things and are environmentally friendly, self-sufficient, in solidarity. These people benefit from many methods such as green production, natural energy, ecological design and architecture.
There are many examples of ecological villages throughout the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to these ecological villages, which attract people. We have compiled ecologic villagers around the world for you on the Ticket Blog.

Findhorn - Scotland
It is among the oldest ecological villages known. The population of Findhorn is about 500 people. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. In this village which attracts great interest, there are many business lines such as pharmacy, bookshop and workshops. There are also trainings on Findhorn's health and arts branches. It is useful to see this lovely village which is nested with nature.
Ravensca - Romania
By visiting this charming village in Romania, you can witness the wonderful harmony of nature. In this village, reminiscent of the Black Sea plots in our country, people are doing their jobs lovingly. What they do is constantly in production because of their love of work. Ravensca is quite high in altitude. Often the busy fog is also the scene. The view, the view, the perfect village with its naturalness. These people, who are ecologically oriented, focus on agriculture. Beside this, they make livelihood by livestock.

SiebenLinden - Germany
In the village of Siebenlinden, which is built on an area of ​​45 hectares, 120 people live. People living in this village supply their electricity needs from solar energy panels they have built. The houses in this village are made of samandan and have a pretty nice appearance. In addition, people living in this village provide their warming needs from the trees. People in the village receive 80 percent of their fruit and vegetable needs from the products they grow. They intend to increase this rate to 100 percent with intensive work.
Auroville - India
The village of Auroville is a village supported by the UNESCO foundation. Everything began with the dream of an Egyptian mother and a Turkish father establishing an ecological village. The population of this village, which is the work of their rapidly popularizing population, is around 2500. People living in this village are very happy because they have signed many important works such as organic agriculture and afforestation. Utilizing underground and surface water resources, this village also has health services and public institutions. Apart from UNESCO, this veteran is very supportive in India.

Devon - UK
Although it is not a very popular eco village, it is a self-contained village with its works and activities. These people who are dealing with agriculture benefit from all the blessings of nature. Beside their magnificent view, they also do livestock.
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