the most interesting meals you will meet abroad

When you travel abroad, you will be amazed, we have compiled some unusual and interesting dishes for you. Some countries have a very interesting food culture. Once you have seen our list of interesting dishes we have prepared, you will think twice about eating abroad. Let's browse our list of interesting world cuisines such as scorpion, live octopus, wolf cheese.
Bat Soup - Indonesia
Indonesians have a lot of them in Indonesian cuisine. It is quite interesting to catch and eat soup with the fruits eating in the trees. This soup prepared with coconut and some vegetable varieties is quite satisfying!

Bird's Nest Soup - Asia
You will be amazed when you learn about the content of this soup which looks very innocent. According to the smokers' claim, the bird's nest soup rejuvenates people and makes them live longer. This soup is made from a certain kind of bird saliva. The interesting thing is that it was really useful according to the researches done.

Tuna Fish Eye - Japan
It is one of the most popular foods in Japan with a ton of fish eyes. At first sight it is said to be useful if you are nauseous. This eye, which is quite oily, is not easily chewed.

Donkey Arisu Cookie - Japan
As an extraordinary product of the Japanese cuisine, the antipametonous cookie comes out. This culture has just begun to spread. The construction of this cookie; First the donkey bees are boiled in water. Then the rice is added to the cookware. The donkeys are very rich in protein, although they are not very welcome.

Fried Scorpio - China
Get used to seeing this kind of food on Chinese streets. Because Chinese beef and reptiles are widely used in the kitchen. Acreplaced to the bars are served by frying. It is being renewed in the day as more snacks. Think twice about eating in China, a very interesting food culture.

Dried Lizard - China
Among the most commonly consumed foods in China are dried lizards. You can find these dried lizards sold on almost every corner in Chinese streets. It is said to have energized and spent an affair. It is also possible to see dried lizards in the sacks. A food that can be tried for those looking for a different flavor.
Live Octopus - South Korea
We can say that the Asian cuisine has gone beyond itself. Live octopus eating in Asian countries is quite common. Especially on almost all of the restaurants on the street you can easily find a food. Be careful when you eat octopus. Because of your soft tissue, your throat may stick. The octopus is served with sesame oil next to it.

Ant Egg - Mexico
In Mexico, this egg is given an insect caviar name. The eggs of Liometopum ants, a rather aggressive species, are served with careful work. First the ant eggs are fried and then the dumplings are made and served to the customer. I have to pass without noting that it is a very fatty food.
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