the importance of character education

The character is the person's own structure, the basic features that distinguish it from others, and the main characteristic that determines how the individual will behave. Human life is full of certain facts. One of these facts is that they have to set limits on people's behavior. Those who set limits on their behavior should also respect other people. These limits may be explicitly stated by law. However, these restrictions are not just laws. There are many stimuli that limit man in social life. it is moral and characterful when it comes to these written or non-written rules and limitations. When a person does not comply with these rules, which are a necessity of social life, he is increasingly disconnected from society. The person breaking from the society is entering the process of extinction in short or long walks. The value given to a human being is related to his morality and character.

People have to pay attention to some aspects of character education. Without taking any responsibility and criticism and accusations against their surroundings weaken the character of the person. Blaming the other person and ignoring their own flaws is the biggest obstacle in character education. The person is not honest at first about his own conscience. a person who can not be honest with his conscience can fit in an excuse for any behavior he or she has done.

Sometimes people violate rules and moral values ​​in the direction of some goals. To be successful, to make a lot of money, to be a front-line in society, to have a nice maker, to be famous. If we do not have a high level of moral and character education in such situations, we are likely to face serious problems. However, those who have well-trained character education will continue to adapt themselves to the superior principles of the brakes and society in such situations.

Character education is a topic that has been emphasized even in ancient times. It focuses on 2 basic words about character education in this journey which is going to the Greeks, Babyles and Sumerians. These ;

* Know yourself
* Do not go to extremes in anything

These words in general talked about the importance of people not to escape to the middle, but to choose the middle way and to stay in balance. When people are flawed to understand their inner world and nature, they should see it and think about it on their own.

Character Education Some Rules to Follow
* Do not speak rude or abusive
* Work to contribute to the community
* Get guidance and read books on morality and character development
* Be a person you take as an example and try to be like him
* Organize or join programs that support good ethics across the country
* Never allow impoliteness
* Take good care of your children

Objectives of Character Education

* Providing individual, emotional and moral development of people
* Gaining basic values ​​that will make collecting useful for people
* Making a person feel that they are part of a community
* To adopt principles such as justice, respect and equality in the society in which we live

Being a character and a moral person does not just mean self-restraint, as mentioned above. You have to follow the right and the good to build a solid person. It is not enough to say no to those things that are bad.

The person who wants to bring a beautiful garden garden can not reach this purpose by cleaning only the harmful weeds from there. Besides, there must be flowers to grow in a productive manner. It is necessary to water the flowers when they are necessary. People should behave as they do in this example. They must gain good habits and habits and should stay away from the harmful ones after running after them.

As you can see, character education is very important. Children are the ones who are most intensely trained in character education. Children try to apply this education throughout their lives, especially when they are younger. societies come from individuals. The better the quality of society and the more ethical the individuals who make up the society, the better the general framework of that society.

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