the facts behind the birth and secrets of illuminati

In fact, we are not a mistake, if we call Earth's control center for illuminati. Because this organization is supposed to be at the head of the system we are in, serving those who are directly or indirectly serving illuminati.

First on May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt is a secret society founded by a Professor of Law and a Baron von Knigge named Kabbalist. In addition, the meaning of Illuminati means 'Enlightened'.

It is the most conspicuous collective of the world political history, although it is established in the Renaissance period that it is free to make people's thoughts equivalent to the meaning of the intended word purify from religious dogmatic thoughts and develop Newtonian positive consciousness.

Nobody knew the records and information of the members who were kept extremely confidential. Each of the members had code names, and these nicknames were used in correspondence and correspondence. For example, Adam Weishaupt's code name was 'Spartacus'.

This community, which was established with 12 members in the beginning, reached 80 people later. In 1874, the Illuminati was banned, claiming it had hidden political aims. But the most striking point for me is that at the beginning of the 19th century the participation of the famous German philosopher Hegel added a new breath, vitality to this community and the Illuminati returned to its former glory.

The Illuminati became a utopia community developed by Hegel's thesis-antithesis theories of the New World Order. The Illuminati later reached Italy, where religious dogmatic thought dominated and led a political war against the Catholic Church by famous Renaissance figures. The purpose of this war was to persuade the church for the facts proved by science.

This organization, which is still active even today, has become responsible for many political, military and economic affairs. Many US Presidents have been serving the Illuminati and all political decisions taken are thought to have passed through illuminati.

According to Myron Fagan, the War of Waterloo, the French Revolution and the unexplained John F. Kennedy assassination are the work of this organization.
Another noteworthy point is that the Hollywood film industry is in favor of this organization. Nowadays, it is claimed that there are 10 managers and 300 sub-staffs, and there are renowned renowners, bankers and artists in this group.

How come this giant organization that manages this world has been executed:
First of all, the Illuminati community, which is gathered once a year, is putting its plans into the 'New World' and 'One Religion' plans.

How do they plan to do that?
They draw direction to the future of the world with the inter-state conflicts of interest, economic crises and pro-terror war signals and the power they hold in their hands in order to adopt and follow their own schemes and principles. Why are they doing this? Here is why; The basic principle of the Illuminati organization is to establish a single world, which is based on one state and one religion, distorting the existing regime, which is described as'
Another interesting point in the past of the group is that when we look at the tarihe. The elite members of the Illuminati formed the Council of the Round Table, in which plans and programs were presented. The subordinates they formed were extended to other countries and included statesmen. The effect was seen in World War I.

How is it? The representatives of the opposing countries in the war came together at the Round Table at the time of the war and were discussing their plans for the outcome of the war and the outcome of the outcome. The Illuminati, who was in the plan program from the outbreak of the war until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, benefited from the irregularity in the end of the wars and would have circled all the countries for the One World in its target.

I would like to share this information with you; The Ten Secret Leader of Illuminati's wealth is more than the gross national product of 102 independent states. The other strategy that the United States is currently taking is to seize energy resources. In fact, Christopher Fettews from the United States states in the article of the Parameter magazine: "The Central Asia and the Caspian Sea are the central regions, and this region has significant energy resources. US for control of these reserves, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are taking part in the big chess game ...

The September 11 incident was just one of the moves of this chess game. However, the US administration, seen as the guilty of these events, was the only player who had undertaken this plan. The main rulers were the elite members of Illuminati. The common opinion of many researchers is that the United States is under the control of Illuminati for over 100 years.

One of the elite members of the inner circle of the world's largest Zionist organization, Illuminati, is said to be the well-known wealth of the United States, David Rockefeller. At 91, Rockfeller was the largest shareholder in the world's largest banks, including the Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank and Standard Oil, and Mobil, all of which hold the world oil market. The company's output is said to be much higher than the annual revenues of many countries around the world.

The following illustration shows the illuminati symbols on the top of US $ 1:
Here are many of the events that take place today, this organization has the hand. They are not just political, they use all the media that can reach all humanity.

What about computer games? Cartoons ? or the message of the songs that everyone has not lowered from the language?
Yes, that is the point that makes us most nervous. The world famous MMORPG online games (Massively multiplayer online role playing games) are many masonic interaction tools.

We all know that the strongest and most sought after character is in childhood, and characters and icons that take part in some comic films give Illuminati-oriented messages. Today, many people claim to be affiliated to this famous community, maybe it is right to draw attention, but we should know that there is a group that exist in every sector together with developing technology and media in our environment.

Maybe we are some of those who serve this community directly or indirectly.

I would suggest that those who are interested in this subject read the book "Masonic Knitting in Mozart's Works".
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