the definitive solution to throat pain: hot soft foods

It is quite common for people to be sick immediately after cold in winter months. They see it at first by pulling a sore throat and I will get sick before the flu. These precise and clear words are the sole cause of pain and sore throat pain and headaches. In every winter and seasonal changes, such disorders multiply. Especially in cases of sore throat, eating problems increase. Swallowing, swallowing develops in these conditions. In short, throat pain is among the first symptoms that cause pain and trigger the disease.
The causes of sore throat are based on these factors. Throat pain may occur in cases of laryngitis-related conditions, in the development of acute laryngotracheitis-related conditions, in reflux, in the recurrence of lung infections, in the formation of bacterial strains known as beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A, in the appearance of sinusitis cases and in all kinds of bacterial conditions. These diseases are among the valid reasons for sore throat.

It is the sinus condition that first appeared in the symptoms of sore throat. There is a high rate of obstruction in the sinus channels. Inadequate respiratory symptoms that develop after these obstructions increase the complaints of shortness of breath. Dryness in the throat increases. When you breathe while breathing, wheezing sounds may come to the fore. During periods when bacterial conditions are high, the most common complaints include sore throat and complaints. Headache increases.

More migraine-related conditions occur. The need for sputum multiplies. My sputum is dark and thick. Dry cough is more. Inflammation occurs in the lymph glands. After reflux and dizziness, the nausea increases. Getting rid of their diets more quickly, anorexia and fatigue develop intensely during these periods.
In short, the occurrence of sore throat almost completely destroys the person's immunity. The person is always tired and unhappy. If there's something he wants to eat at that moment, he can not eat or drink. There are difficult processes for this. The only alternative solution to getting the best out of the throat pain process is to take soft and hot foods. Solid and hard foods can cause pain in the throat and even create the ground for unwanted wounds.

The first main dish that will be good for the Bosphorus is soup. If the olives are oiled, it will cause the throat to soften more quickly. Honey milk is ideal for sore throat.
Someone who suffers a throat needs to consume more healthy and conscious beverages. For example, instead of black tea, lemon tea, sweetened milk instead of honey or molasses should drink milk. Especially in the pain of a sore throat in the morning and evening to take the benefit of molasses can not finish counting. Bread should not be harsh in the selection and even at that time the bread should not be eaten from the crusted portion. It will be easier to swallow because it is soft for bread.

 In the consumption of yoghurt it should be cold. Coldness must be reduced before fruit or plain yoghurt, yoghurt must be kept outside the refrigerator one hour in advance. Excessive waiting can cause premature ejaculation or even disruption. That's why 1 hour is enough.

Goodwill is among the best foods for sore throat. Especially apricot is a food rich in immunity. Do not buy very fatty and hard foods. We provide your medicines regularly and under the supervision of a doctor. Never randomly take antibiotics and painkillers. It could hurt you. If your sore throat is severe and your fever turns out, it is a good idea to see an expert doctor. Healthy days with wishes.
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