the 10 most green countries of the world

Untouched and green areas seem to disappear from each other due to distorted urbanization, environmental pollution and irregular planning, but such areas are located at certain points in the world. Given that concrete is increasing day by day, it is hard to believe that the earth is a protected green zone. Green areas are important places for increasing the quality of life. If you have green enthusiasm, you can visit the green towns you have set for you and enjoy the nature.

The country is at the top of the list with a surplus of green areas. Having a dazzling beauty, Iceland provides almost all of its energy use with hydrogen. One of the most striking features of Iceland is that you can live 24 hours a day, night or day. It also has a mild climate due to its rich water resources. Population 330 thousand. Iceland is an island and at the same time a European country. The official language of the country is to be watched.

In Iceland there are only two seasons. Summer and winter ... The highest temperature that can be seen in summer is 29 while the lowest temperature that can be seen in winter is -39. Iceland provides the most important means of subsistence through fisheries and seabirds. The crime rate of the country is extremely low. Also, alcohol consumption is prohibited in public places. Since the country has no convenient environment for farming, its cuisine is surrounded by fish and other seafood.

2. Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the greenest countries following Iceland. This country has prohibited the use of motor vehicles in some areas to protect its natural structures. Switzerland does not have coast to coast. Almost all of the country is surrounded by Alps. There are four official languages in Switzerland. The most widely used one is Almancadır. Then comes the French, Italian and Romanian languages. Despite regional differences, a temperate climate is often dominant in the country. It is among the richest countries of the world. Switzerland is known as the country that consumes the most chocolates on Earth. Switzerland is very talked about with chocolate which is noticed with its production as much as it is consumed.
The country has recently increased its policy of becoming environmentally friendly and has begun work to reduce carbon emissions the most. The country, which has been planted with more than five million trees, has the feature of being the third in the greenest countries of recent times. The most common thing in the country is undoubtedly the coast. Kosta Rika is a Central American country.

4. Sweden
Ecologically friendly products are being used in the country and energy production is just as sensitive as other green countries. Sweden is a northern European country. A large majority of the population speaks Swedish. There is no spice culture in the country and it has a simple cuisine.

5. Norway
The people who panicked because of the start of the glacier melting in the regions of the country close to the poles, began to show a very sensitive attitude about energy consumption and the environment. The country is located in the northernmost part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The country is spoken in Norwegian. In Norway, deep-seated vegetables such as seafood and potatoes are at the top of the list for consumption.

6. Mauritius
The country is an island in the south west of the Indian Ocean. There is no official language spoken in the country. The country has a tropical climate can also go to Turkey without a visa from the country. The economy of the country depends directly on foreign investments and therefore tourism has an important place for the country. The cuisine of the country was hampered by China, India and Europe.

7. France
The country has been improving in recent years, with increased sensitivity to renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly environmental approaches. The capital city of the country is Paris. The country consists of 13 different regions. The official language of the country is the French language and almost all of the people are very persistent in speaking French.

8. Austria
The capital of the country is Vienna, and it has a very green policy in this country. The official language of the country is Almancadır. A warm-cool continental climate dominates the country. The cuisine of the country is extremely rich in terms of meat and pastry business.

9. Cuba
Hydropower has begun to be used in the Guama region of the country. Seawater level is being kept below. Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean. In the country, marriage, health and education are free. The official language of the country is Spanish.

10. Colombia
Recently, bamboo has been used instead of steel in the construction sector of the country. National parks in the country have been replicated. The country is located on the Northwest of South America. The official language is Spanish. It has an equatorial dessert. The most important products of country cuisine are meat, potatoes and yufkadir.
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