the 10 most delicious foods of the japanese love

Eastern Asia's Favorite Food: Japan
The dishes of an ethnic country are the national character of that country, taste transporter, aesthetic understanding, is one of the most important items to show. Japanese food is one of the most remarkable dishes on Earth. In general, Japanese Cuisine is similar to that of other East Asian countries. But it is no different than the others. The most important difference is that the use of oil and spices is much less. Efforts are made to preserve the authentic, true tastes of the materials used. Wherever possible, fresh materials typical of the season are used and try to avoid as much as possible natural features. For this reason, food habits have been shown by many sources as the secrets of their long life. When we look at it, we can easily see that there are justifications. Japan has a large dining room. The main food of traditional Japanese cuisine is rice. Rice is a part of every meal, even a part of the breakfast. If we take a look at the most popular and delicious 10 meals of this spacious Japanese cuisine:


In Japan rice cooked every meal is eaten as a main course, mixed with side dishes at lunch and dinner, with raw egg and soy sauce or other sauces in the morning and breakfast. Japanese pilaf is made by boiling only without oil, salt or other sweeteners and is usually served at the end of your meal.


Sashimi is a dish made from various raw fish. In general soy sauce and wasabi are mixed and eaten by immersing in this mixture.

3) ONE:

Japanese sandwiches can be used for onigiri. Dried seaweed covered rice with sushi made in the middle of Japanese pickles, shrimp, chicken, tuna fish, salmon etc. is a popular and delicious food.


This dish is called a kind of Japanese pizzas prepared with flour, cabbage, meat, seafood. In the restaurants, usually the dough and the ingredients are brought separately and on the grill at the table, the people mix and prepare according to their own preferences.

It is one of the other delicious dishes served in Japan by putting a heater on the table and a pot filled with boiling water on it. Materials - cut meat, vegetables, mushrooms and tofu - come raw. The food person sinks these ingredients into boiling water at the table, heats them, and sinks them into the raw egg in the raw egg.


Maybe it's Japanese food, people are the first to come to mind. Sushi is not "raw fish" as many people think, but sushi rice with sushi circles. The food prepared with raw fish is sashimi. And there are many different sushi varieties. To name some of them: Çiraşışuşı, İnarizuşi, Makizuşi, Futomaki we can make a sort order.

It is made with curry sauce, chicken, carrots, potatoes, and if desired, it is a food that can be renewed. The curry is actually from India and the lacin is used in Japanese cuisine more than a hundred years.


Tempura is one of Japan's most delicious and popular dishes. Tempura is made by frying sea food, vegetables or mushrooms in pan with hot oil soaked in bread crumbs. In fact, by the 16th century, the Portuguese came to Japan, but the whole world knows it as Japanese food.

9) SOBA:
Traditional, delicious Japanese food made from stove, buckwheat and wheat flour. Like pasta, it is incised and can be eaten as hot or cold, preferably with various appendages.

10) UDON:
Udon is served like the same stove. It is obtained from wheat flour. The difference from the stove is the thicker and lighter color.
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