stadium of the 10 world team that football stables must absolutely see

1. Camp Nou / Spain

The official name is Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​which is the stadium used by FC Nou, FC Barcelona. It is the biggest stadium in Europe with a capacity of 99,300 spectators. In addition, the National Football team of Catalonia uses this place. Right next to the stadium is the Mini Estadi stadium with 8,500 capacities. The stadium, which opened in 1957, should definitely be seen by soccer fans.

2. La Bombonera / Argentina

La Bombonera, also known as Estadio Alberto J. Armando, is located in Buenos Aires. Argentina's long-established team Boca Juniors' home games are played here. Mimarisi is likened to a sugar box and its name comes from here. It has a capacity of 49,000 spectators. La Bombonera is a stadium that should definitely be visited, offering social facilities for club museums and restaurants.

3. Signal Iduna / Germany

Signal Iduna, in Dortmund, is the stadium for BV Borussia Dortmund football team in the Bundesliga. The stadium, formerly known as Westfalenstadion, will be called by 2021 with a sponsorship agreement with the insurance company Signal Iduna in 2005. It is the stadium used for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Signal Iduna is Germany's largest stadium. It has a capacity of 81,359 spectators. Galatasaray's 2003-2004 Champions League season stadium is a stadium that Juventus 2-0.

4. Maracana / Brazilia

Officially, the stadium is capable of 180,000 people and 200,000 people are allowed in big games. The spectator's record in the league broke with 177 thousand 656 spectators in the Flamengo-Fluminense encounter, which finished 2-2 in August 1963. The stadium's capacity has been reduced to 95 by FIFA standards and $ 90 million has been spent for renewal. The 1950 FIFA World Cup Final, played by Uruguay 2-1 in Brazil, was followed by 199,854 people who entered the stadium and the spectator record of football history was broken. All football fans should definitely see this important thing.
5. Craven Cottage / England

Craven Cottage is Fulham's stadium, played in the Premier League from British teams. It's a historic stat in 1896. In 2004, a major renovation took place and the capacity was increased from 22.000 to 25.700. Since its opening, Stat has been home to many important games. Recently he has hosted national matches like the Irish Match in 2008.

6. Aztec / Mexico

Aztec is the national stadium of the National Football Team of Mexico. Club América's stadium. It was held in Mexico City in 1966 to perform concerts and various organizations. After being restored, it became the second largest stadium in the world after Maracana in Brazil. He also hosted the 1970 FIFA World Cup and 1986 FIFA World Cup finals on the stat date. This is the only stadium that hosts 2 world cup finals with this feature. The stat is also host to non-football organizations. For example; In 1986, Michael Jackson gave four concerts in this statue and attracted over 100 spectators to each concert. The Stat is now home to Club America (MEX). There are an average of 65 thousand spectators in the league matches.

7. Anfield Road / UK

One of UEFA's four-star statues, Anfield is in Liverpool. Liverpool FC is the host of this stadium. Everton FC used the historic stadium built in 1884 for the first 8 years. In 1892, Everton left Anfield Stadium and moved to Goodison Park after a dispute with Anfield Stadium owner John Houlding. John Houlding, who was in the middle of his stadium, also founded Liverpool FC. The stadium that witnesses this coincidental establishment of Liverpool FC should definitely be seen.

8. San Siro / Italy

San Siro, also known as the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, is hosting Milan's AC Milan and Internazionale Milano matches. It has an audience capacity of 80,000. This stadium, where UEFA gives 5 stars, should definitely be visited by those who fall into Italy.

9. Olympic Stadium / Italy

Founded in Rome in 1932, 82,000 spectators are a very high quality stat. S. S. Lazio and A.S. Roma teams use this stadium. In 2009 he hosted the Champions League final. This stat which is 5 stars from UEFA must also be seen.

10. Soccer City / South Africa

The stadium, built in 1987, is located in Johannesburg. On July 11, 2010, he hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. The stadium's capacity has been increased from 78,000 to 94,700 for the World Cup. Soccer City, the biggest stadium in South Africa, is a spectacular building
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