shoreline shaping and major coastal spots

The most effective external forces in the formation of the coasts are waves, rivers, tides, glaciers and currents. The winds have an indirect effect in terms of influencing the waves.
Dalmatian Type Coasts
It occurs when sea water enters the valleys between the mountains that run parallel to the sea. These coasts are visible on the Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. In our country, on the Teke Peninsula in the Mediterranean (Antalya), the Kas coast is the example of this shore.
Fiyord Type Winds
The floods formed by the erosion of the glaciers came under flood. The best examples are the Norwegian and Scottish borders. not seen in Turkey.

Skyer Type Coast
It is a complicated coast with thousands of islanders and ponds that are formed by glaciers. This shrimp is found in Norway and South Chile. not seen in Turkey.

Ria Type Coast
The platos are formed by the deep valleys flooding the sea or the rising of the ocean. Such species are common on the northwest coast of Spain. In our country, the Strait of Dardanelles, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn are the examples of this shoal.
Transversal Coast
It occurs when the mountains do not occupy the villa where the mountains extend perpendicular to the sea. In this coast, there are many indentations, bays, gulfs and harbors. The continental landscape is wide and the depth of the sea is small. The transportation between the coast and the inner parts is easy. Hinterlands of coastal harbors are therefore expanded. In addition to this type of coastal marine climate effects can be inserted into the interior. Our Aegean coasts are the best places to see the transverse coasts.
Longitudinal Rounds
It is seen in places where the mountains extend parallel to the sea. These shores are very sad, with very little indentation. Transportation between the coast and the inner part is provided in the rough and passages. It is also the domain of marine climate. It is seen in our Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts. These coasts are continental scenery which is poor in terms of natural harbor.
Harbor Coast
They occur when floods in areas with low altitudes are flooded. On these shores, tombolo, coastal arrow, shore settles are seen. This shore is found in the north of the Black Sea.
Haliçli Kiyılar
Especially where the tides are severe, they are the coasts that form in the mouths of the rivers and sometimes become land, sometimes sea. Hamburg and London harbors are the most important estuaries. It does not have that kind of coast in Turkey.
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