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When it comes to traveling, there are many options for the importance of international work, and the mobility that people have produced for these works is also increasing. That's why the number of people who want to travel on Rome is constantly increasing.

In fact, we would like to draw up a guide on places to visit on Italy in general. We chose this kind of way of narration, as Lakin started with Rome first, and it would solve more of the question marks on the mind. For Rome, the capital of Italy, there is a lot of intense knowledge and interesting work (positively).

So, in order to create a system in the light of all these works, we would like to enrich this guide every step of the way for you. Maybe it's a lot to hear but it's a promise everywhere. "The Vatican is the smallest country in the world," they say, and this is a very interesting study. Indeed, this tiny country, built on a land of 44 hectares, has a population of only 1000 people (this was the case when we were writing these lines).

But it is also worth noting that it is one of the richest countries in the world. With an agreement signed by Mussolini in 1929, it was decided to recognize the holy lands in the early ages of Christianity as the Vatican State. It has provided a very large mass and opportunity for these regions. Hz. The place where Jesus and St. Pietro are crucified is the land beneath the famous San Pietro Church. The Vatican has become one of the world's most touristic (pilgrimage) countries (an area of ​​44 hectares is very important in this regard). In the Vatican the Vatican museum, the San Pietro church, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Gardens are important places to visit (we also wanted to make a short summary for you under these headings).

The Vatican Museum, which has considerable value and spirituality when we look inside the places to visit, appeals to a very large crowd. There are many details of this museum, which is an important detail for both travel and local life. The museum is home to many paintings and sculptures from the ancient Greek, which was built for the Catholic Church or forcibly retained by the church until the time of the classical Renaissance.

Sistine Chapel also turns out to be one of the places to visit. The chapel, built by Pope Sistus, was not originally significant (according to the rumors - and according to the information given by the guides of the region). The walls of the chapel are decorated by most Florentine painters sent by Sistus. While the story of Prophet Muhammad is told on the wall on the right side, Hz. The story of Jesus is depicted. The ceiling is painted with a starry night effect. This turns out to be a detail that gives us as much information as possible about the significance of the space.

These places and museums, which cover many details of regional studies, are of great importance for the history of Rome. While holding workshops on a genealogical theme, museum travels are organized by tours, but considerable work awaits our worthy followers. With all the work you can comfortably color your travels. San Pietro Church and Square Many churches have been built in the same place in the name of St. Peter, the founding father of Christianity, but they have been destroyed in some way. After the earthquake of 1639, the construction of the present church was decided and a church was opened in the 1800s at the end of 200 years of activity.

As such, it does not neglect to attract attention to this place of worship. There are many works of art in the church. The most important of these is the Pieta sculpture of Michelangelo. The young Mary, lying in the lap of Mother Ana. Jesus is the lifeless body. While Mary was shown as old in all paintings and sculptures until she returned, she wanted to emphasize sanator, cleanliness and purity in this work and showed young. After a productive cliché trip, we can say there are many things to do. One of them could be a tour of the square after we left Kilic. Or you can see Bernini's unique genius. This famous Square was designed by Bernini. When you look at the 4 rows of columns surrounding the square, you will see that the columns in the back have disappeared. Such a situation is a special fascination.

The Vatican Gardens are among the most important sightseeing spots in this area. This is the place that occupies the most space in the Vatican. But it is not always open in the open. Because it is a special area separated by the priests. But when we look at it from a distance, we can say that it looks wonderful. You can organize yourself and your work if you want to reach a great system by organizing every idea and work you have created to color your travels. If you want to turn vacation love into concrete solutions and historical artifacts, you can review these holiday stages with the fastest options without losing more time.

Food Culture in Rome
In this area you will find a wealth of information about Rome's food and beverage culture, as well as useful information about where and how to renew in Rome. It is perhaps one of the cities that you can be most convinced of and most difficult to find about the flavor of Rome. In Italy, a Mediterranean country, kitchen habits are already quite close to us. Besides, the traditional food of the country is pizza and pasta, so there is not much trouble to go to and eat in Rome.

The famous tastes of the Italians include pasta, pizza, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, Roman ice cream, tiramisu, tramezzino, antipasti, zuppa inglese, panna cottadır. Beside this, you can not try espressoy which is famous drink. If you are coming to Rome for a holiday, do not forget to sit in a stylish restaurant in the famous square of Rome and enjoy a nice dinner by watching the view of the beautiful square. Or do not skim the smelly kahves that are unique to them in a chic cage. You will be able to enjoy the taste of the quality and taste easily in these places where most of the dishes are served with the clearest details. We already wish good travels.

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