recruitment training (orientation)

The training given to bring newly hired staff members into production and part of the enterprise as soon as possible is called hiring training or orientation. The time seems to have lasted for six months at large enterprises. It is aimed at meeting the needs of the new staff for information and interest. The work of new staff and the liking of running depends on the success of training.

The process to follow in the recruitment program:

1-Introduction of the Operator: The organization's story, organizational structure, management structure, product portfolio, production process, policies, discipline rules, security and so on. the subject is explained.

2-Explanation of Personnel Rights: Fees and calculation methods, paying times, allowances, working and break times, trainings, social security, counseling and rehabilitation programs, etc. subjects are transferred.

3-Work Information: The purpose of work, position, relation with other works, work place and presentation of production technology, tasks, authorities and responsibilities are explained.

4-Introduction: New staff, managers, union representatives, colleagues, trainers and staff counselors are introduced.
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