Questions and answers from new mothers

During our time in this post we have compiled all the questions from you and the answers given by other mothers to these questions. If you do not have a problem not listed here, you can ask in the comments section. It will be answered by the most experienced mothers as soon as possible.

  1. How often do I have to breastfeed?

  2. How can I remove the gas?

  3. Night never sleeps! Why?

  4. How do I prevent being a coward?

  5. Refusing Emmy, What Should I Do?

  6. Why Is It So Much Dripping?

  7. How do I clean my ear?

  8. What do I have to do?

  9. How to Stop Breastfeeding, How to Treat Biberia?

  10. Do you have to suckle your baby while you have thrush in your mouth?

  11. How Much Fruit Juice Should Be Drinked During The Day?

  12. Can Any Fruit Juice Be Drinked?

  13. Is the fruit juice watered?

  14. How long should the 239 ml Liquid Rule be applied?

  15. How Do I Provide a Safe House for My Baby?

  16. He keeps crying. Why?

  17. How to Silently Cry Baby?

  18. Should I worry if the crocodile's colorful or the chest changes?

  19. What should I do if my baby has a fever?

  20. What is the Best Way to Measure Fire in a Baby?

  21. Diarrhea. What should I do?

  22. Where can I wash my newborn baby?

Baby How often do I have to breastfeed?

On a breastfeeding meal, breastfeeding should continue until a breast of your mother is completely milkless. If after this point the baby still wants to drink milk, breastfeeding can be continued with the other breast. If breast milk is still left in a breast when breastfeeding is complete, the breast that has been half-fed in the second breastfeeding period should be given first and the breast completely filled with milk should be completely emptied. Babies should be breastfed every 3 or 3 hours in the first days, 3 or 4 hours in the end of the first month. In other words, the baby should be fed 7 times in 8 hours within 24 hours. When the baby completes the first month, the baby should be breastfed 5 or 6 times a day. After every breastfeeding, milk on the mother's breast will start to increase. So, over time, the intervals of breastfeeding will start to prolong.

Newborn babies usually feel hungry in almost every first waking season and want to be breastfed. Every baby should absolutely be breastfed whenever he wants. You can understand when your baby is hungry and your baby tries to communicate with you by opening your mouth and finally crying.
For more detailed information, you can read how long you should breastfeed.

How Can I Remove My Baby's Gas?

Sit upright, while holding your baby from behind and supporting with a hand, and place your baby's jaw on your shoulder. In the meantime, gently rock your baby's back with the help of your other hand. To help with this, you can sit in a rocking chair and swing slightly while doing this practice. Then take your baby over your breast and take care that your baby is on top of your head with your breast.
You can also take a look at my article on the best way to extract Baby's gas.

Baby Night Never Sleeps! Why?

Start by controlling your baby's candy. For example, if your baby has been making a long nap for 3 hours, wake it gently and play with it or feed it. Reduce the number of candy hours during the day and thus prolong night's sleep. Continue this practice until your baby is accustomed to sleeping for a much longer period.

If your healthy baby is suddenly disturbed at night and needs medical help, you should not ignore it. However, if your baby constantly chooses not to sleep at night while there is no health problem, this may habit your baby over time. Do not forget, before you leave your baby feeling a little weeping, be sure to check it out and remember that you need to be interested or do not need a medical need.

How do I prevent my baby from being a coward?

Babies take their fears from their parents. If the mother or father suddenly reacts to the voices in or out of the environment while they are with their babies, the babies react to these voices in the same way. If the parent screams for any reason, the baby screams.

The baby is running every time you fall and not to lift it and not to take your lap right away. If you learn to walk your baby every time you run it and take it away from your lap, this situation can create a fear situation for the baby. Babies under the age of one may fall slightly where they are, but they do not hurt themselves badly because they fall where they are.

My baby rejects Emmeyi, what should I do?

  • If the baby is sick, the mother's milk can be milked and given to the baby. Breastfeeding can be given in a quiet and quiet environment by avoiding distraction.

  • Check to see if the baby is sore.

  • If there is a canker in the baby's mouth, it should be treated and if the baby is making teeth, be patient and if the baby has nasal obstruction, the baby should open his nose.

  • The mother should get permission for her work for some time and spend time with the baby. The mother must let go of her smell and be sure to breastfeed her baby correctly.

  • It should be remembered that the phenomenon of false rejection is natural, and the baby should be expected to hold the fetus.

  • The baby can be milked in her mouth if necessary and the baby can be fed in different positions.

  • Care must be taken not to press on the baby's head. If necessary, breast milk should be given with a spoon or glass for a short period of time.

  • Absolutely no teat or bottle should be used.

  • Sensual contact between the mother and the baby must be ensured and the mother should embrace the baby at frequent intervals, and the baby should be breastfed whenever she wants.

  • The mother and the baby can stretch together to consolidate the tensional theme.

  • The flavor or smell of the food that the mother has eaten may pass through the supper, so care should be taken not to eat the fragrant foods.

  • Apart from this, tea, coke or caffeine and other similar substances can be passed on to the mother and the baby may be uncomfortable. Because of this, the mother should be careful not to consume too much drinks such as coffee, cola or tea.

  • Cigarettes are definitely to be drunk in the home where the baby is.

  • Starting your mother's job, leaving your mother, changing her caregiver very often, new caretaker, changes in the family structure, illnesses or mastitis in the mother's line, change in your mother's appearance, or change in her mother's smell.

Why does my baby run so far?

It is very natural that the saliva flow after two months from the birth of your baby, and this period of saliva flow continues until all the teeth are out. Some babies continue saliva flow after the tooth extraction is complete. The state of saliva flow after tooth extraction is usually due to nasal obstruction or allergy problems.

However, some babies drain more saliva than others. When people interpret the reason for the baby's tooth extraction, this is the saliva gland that releases saliva as much as adults. A baby that releases as much saliva as an adult must absolutely throw out this spit. Of course, it is not important enough to be alarmed, but still a doctor's check is especially good for babies.

How do I clean my ear?

If not necessary, stay away from cleaning your ear. If you need to clean up the area, you can clean it gently with the help of a clean cotton-tipped ear cleaning bar, especially when the baby is not moving (for example, while sleeping).

What do I have to do?

There is no problem in sucking your baby's finger. At this point it would be much more accurate to investigate whether your finger sucking habits will cause problems to your baby in later ages, instead of making your baby suckle. Here are 2 important questions that need to be answered at this point for you. From these questions, can your baby suck the nipple's rabbit's teeth and the baby's nipple suck your nipple's teeth?

Can rabbit cause teeth?

If your baby still keeps his or her thumb when permanent teeth begin to protrude, unfortunately this can cause the rabbit teeth to come out. But this is not the case in the first year of your baby that you need to worry about. When your baby grows up and communicates with the other children, they give up on their thumbs sucking herself.

Can it damage the unseated teeth yet?

As a matter of fact, dear mothers are useful in terms of sucking your baby's nipple away from the nipple. And no, your baby's sucking his nipple will not hurt any of his teeth that have not yet been released. So do not squeeze your baby in this and do not worry.

How to Stop Breastfeeding, How to Treat Biberia?

  • Start by cutting off your baby's breast-feeding clock and giving her a baby bottle and food instead of breast-feeding your baby at that hour.

  • If this is due to lack of breastfeeding time, simply withdraw with a pump to reduce the pressure.

  • After taking the tobacco, place a cold hand towel over your breasts and turn your arms around.

  • Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the towel to wrap tightly.

  • Immediately do this when you hear the feeling of falling down. This will give your body the message necessary to stop the production of the tobacco.

  • After repeating for 3 days, you will have to reduce your breastfeeding time.

  • Turn your baby into feeding one of the breast-feeding hours every 3 days till you give up with the full meaning.

Do you have to suckle your baby while you have thrush in your mouth?

Yes, you can continue, but not as long as the old one. You should continue to feed your baby for 20 minutes in each feeding, not 30 to 40 minutes like the old one. Because sucking on your throat on your baby can hurt your baby. In general, canker disease should be treated in no more than 48 hours and you should avoid breastfeeding during this 48 hour period.

Pausing a baby does not mean giving a baby a break. So feed your baby with bottle during this 48 hour treatment. However, feed the baby with the bottle and after each feeding, remove the bottle cap and attach the new or clean bottle cap to the bottle. Do not wash the old bottle caps and put them in the same bottle again.

How Much Fruit Juice Should Be Drinked During The Day?

If you live in extraordinary hot weather conditions, then the amount of fluid you need daily, including the juice of a baby under one year, is about 239 ml. If your baby is eating 239 ml of milk or drinking milk on a daily basis and if you give him 50-60 ml of fruit juice in the meantime, it will not be a problem. You should not feed your baby with fruit juice, as always with milk or baby food, and give the fruit juice to your baby as an additional nutrient.

Can Any Fruit Juice Be Drinked?

One of the finest gifts you can give her is 100% fruit juice. Because your baby does not need any artificial candy in the ready-made fruit juices. So you should prepare natural and fresh fruit juices and choose the fruit you want from them.

But what you need to take away from your beloved ladies is the citrus allergies that are common in newborn babies. That is why mothers, especially newborn mothers, should stay away from citrus juice. Remember, orange juice does not last for 9 or 10 months.

Is the fruit juice watered?

Diluting fruit juice is a wonderful idea in one word. Because the sugar in it is cut at this number. You can gradually reduce the water in the fruit juice as you get accustomed to your baby. If your baby likes to drink fruit juice then you can dilute the fruit juice later, even in the 2nd or 3rd year.

How long should the 239 ml Liquid Rule be applied?

Your 239 ml liquid baby should be applied until seven, eight or nine months old. Your baby should eat all of the solid foods and the amount of juice and juice you need to drink until you start feeding.

How Do I Provide a Safe House for My Baby?

  1. All medicines in the house will not be recognized by prescription or over-the-counter, but remove them all at a time that your child can not reach.

  2. If you have your house and your garden, remove it from poisonous plants or grass and keep checking it.

  3. Attach to the stairs or to the room doors with electric appliances or various appliances that you can enter.

  4. If you have a pool in your home garden, check that they are all doors at the entrance and that they are safe at all times.

  5. Close all electrical outlets in the house with a plastic cover. You can find these covers in the hardware store or on the shelves of baby department stores.

  6. Attach all of the mezzanine meals you can reach and the guard to the corners of all of them, including coffee tables.

  7. Remove all the items of the house that are broken, such as crystals, chines, etc., all at once. It is important that you keep your belongings upside-down so that it is safe, but it is important that your child is in a closet where you can not open the door even if you arrive.

  8. Take a bathtub with a cotton-padded bathtub, because babies can be washed in the bathtub and wash their heads in the bathtub.

  9. Attach a lock latch to the drawers, cabinets, even the house, and even the lid of the toilet.

  10. Make sure that the cots of the baby cot and the portable children's playpen are no more than 6 cm apart. In this way your baby will not pass his or her head or body through these bars, so the danger of being trapped between the bars will not survive.

My baby is crying all the time. Why?

Because your baby does not know how to talk, he uses crying, the only thing he knows to tell you that he is burned, has a problem with his health, is bored, and wants to play with you. He's actually trying to communicate with you by crying.

  • The first thing you need to do is take a close look at your baby and see if it's a physical problem that can cause pain.

  • Check for tight clothing, especially around the wrist and foot.

  • If the clothes are tight, it may break the blood circulation to your baby's feet and wrists and cause pain.

  • Some babies may even cut their own hair around their fingers and break their blood circulation and hurt their own lives without knowing their own lives.

If this is not the case, then you need to know what you need to deal with.

Situations Where You Need to Begin Your Ph.D.

  • If the crying is a crying that indicates that you are suffering more than whining.

  • If you cry without stopping for two or three hours when you start crying.

  • Especially if three months is small.

  • If you have fever, cold or loss of appetite.

  • If you do not know or think that you are harming.

  • If you have shaken hard to intercept your crying.

  • At the same time crying constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, if there is a state.

  • If he can not stop crying anymore and this situation is driving you to exhaustion.

How to Silently Cry Baby?

  • First, go to the bazaar immediately and get an inexpensive tape.

  • Then, if you are, come together with your wife and baby and record a tape for at least 5 minutes.

  • Talk to your baby in this record and set up soft, calm and loving words.

  • Later, when your baby is in the mood for candy or sleeping, she will scream instead of going to sleep or napping, but do not stress your baby kindly on your back and do not let her feel your baby.

  • After that, open the tape recorder and record it. Notice that the volume is too high or too low.

  • On this count your baby will hear your calm, soft and caring voice talking to her and sleep.

  • This tape method is a particularly useful method for candy and sleep.

  • Take it to your hand and walk, do not shake it, do not shake it, baby let yourself fall asleep.

Should I worry if the crocodile's colorful or the chest changes?

The color and stiffness of the baby is related to nutrition and the age of your child. The ladies who have been mothers a few times are well aware that there is a difference between the change of gold of a 4-week-old baby and the change of gold of a 10-week-old baby. Apart from all this, of course there is also a difference between a breastfed baby fed with food and a baby's baby fed with food.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you may suffer constipation with food, such as rice, bananas, carrots, which you have eaten over time. This will result in a harder cacule and a color change. Exactly, otherwise, when you consume plenty of fruit juice and plenty of sugar, it will cause the baby's cock to become more relaxed.

If such conditions occur more than one or two days in your baby, you should apply to your baby's doctor immediately.

If your baby's bone turns into a dark black color, this is the kind of situation that prompts your doctor immediately. Because such a situation may be a possible messenger of digestive system problem.

What should I do if my baby has a fever?

Get to the doctor immediately. Make your baby a habit of wearing light clothes. So avoid wearing her overalls.

Because your baby's fever was up to 38.3 degrees, but you were wearing a overalls in spite of this situation. This overalls that you wear will only cause your baby to cook. And as a matter of fact, the fire will go up to 40 degrees. If you have had a febrile seizure before, your baby will be much more sensitive this time, and it will be faster to catch it in a hot nebulizer.

What is the Best Way to Measure Fire in a Baby?

I know your beloved ladies actually do not want to hear the answer I will give you now. But in terms of your baby's health, I have to give this answer correctly and clearly. That is why you need to measure from the rectum to measure the exact fire of a baby's response . The most accurate body temperature is measured from here. When you go to the doctor for sure, you will get the same answer.

Diarrhea. What should I do?

  • Get to the doctor immediately.

  • Find out why it's diarrhea.

  • Keep track of whether you are thirsty and if you feel thirsty, give back the lost fluid.

  • Try to give your baby meat juice, rice, soup and bananas for at least two days until the outside returns to normal.

Where can I wash my newborn baby?

You can wash almost everywhere: you can wash your newborn baby even in the bathtub if you use it in the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, even the baby bathtub.

Things to Watch When You Crack

  • Be sure to check the temperature before inserting the jewels.

  • Gently wash your baby everywhere. Do not neglect the tiny toes.

  • Whatever happens, do not separate your baby from your babies for a moment, because you will be deceived by how small they are. But the smaller they are, the faster they are.

  • Stop those tiny hands from reaching the hot water valve. Remember that accidents happen when you play games with your baby and you are in a relationship. This means that babies are more likely to burn accidentally during bath than others.

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