papatya Stream: it is good on the skin, it feeds the hair

The drinks that are consumed the most in our country are tea and coffee. However, when business comes to a beneficial, healing hot drink, my mind first comes up with green tea followed by daisy tea. As the spring season, the chamomile naturally grows in the meadows, on the roadsides and in rural areas. The chamomile, with a vaguely pleasant smell, is loved by the yellow-white image. Also knowing what is useful, who collects and dries daisies somewhere, or keeps track of the transfers to buy. Because it is known that especially in cold weather, it strengthens the immune system of daisy tea in winter months, prevents gastrointestinal disturbances and calms the nerves, everybody blooms chamomile tea at home. Chamomile tea makes the person feel both physically and mentally relieved, pain and numbness makes him a very valuable plant.

Preparation of chamomile tea

It is possible to dry the daisy flowers you collect in season and store them in a bag for a long time. Those who do not have such a possibility can buy ready-made dried-up daisies from transporters or from markets that sell natural products. To make 1 cup of chamomile tea, 5 -6 pieces of papaya should be poured into the boiled water and be brewed for 10 minutes, then consumed warmly. Papatyan has a bitter taste. For this reason, those who can not drink simply by adding 1 teaspoon honey can consume.

It's good for a cold!

The chamomile tea is especially protected against colds by strengthening the immune system. In winter, chamomile tea is recommended to prevent diseases such as colds and flu, or to heal faster when ill. However, after the air begins to cool down, drinking a cup of chamomile tea, especially in the evening, significantly reduces the risk of getting these diseases.

Supports skin health!

Chamomile tea is also used to cleanse and moisturize the skin as it is a very effective antioxidant. For this, daily drinking a cup of chamomile tea, or inside the skin to drink from the daisy chopped 1 cup of tea spoon with the help of cotton with the help of chamomile tea will be useful to delete. In fact, daisies are used in many cosmetic products since the benefits to the skin have already been scientifically proven.

It is also recommended that the skin be wiped regularly with chamomile tea every evening for color tone imbalances on the skin and for light stains to open. Because chamomile tea has a skin bleaching feature.

Fatigue, sleeplessness, swelling under the eyes due to progressive age, and to get rid of the chamomile tea soaked in cotton is recommended to compress.

Cleansed with chamomile tea on a regular basis, the skin maintains a natural moisture balance to prevent the formation of acne and acne, there is the ability to remove existing ones. In addition to all these, it cleanses from dead skin cells, gives a more vigorous appearance and is known to be beneficial for all skin types.

Allows rapid healing of wounds: Another feature of chamomile tea is that the wounds heal quickly. The antioxidant feature disinfects the wound, removes inflammation and has the ability to break micros.

She feeds her hair!

The chamomile tea which is very useful for skin health is also very important for hair health at the same time. It is possible to give the hair a healthy shine by rubbing chamomile tea on the washed hair. Even after mixing daisy tea with henna and rubbing it on the hair for a while, it breaks down and makes the hair darken and whites naturally close. Thanks to the nourishing qualities of chamomile tea, the cadaver is revitalized, gained health and the problem of hair loss stops. And those who want to open a few tons of hair color naturally should bloom chamomile tea and apply it to their hair and wait a few hours a day. At this point, the hair color is opened with a natural plant instead of artificial and chemical substance like paint. The chamomile tea is a wonderful alternate for those who want to feed their hair and to open a few tones in this period where all the big hair dye companies are making the most natural, "organic" slogans.

Loosen the muscles!

It is known that the chamomile tea is both relaxing and physically relaxing. At the end of these days, 1 cup of warm chamomile tea reduces muscle and joint aches and helps aches and pains. Because physically demanding work provides relief and relaxation of fatigued muscles to help replace lost energy.

Reduce period complaints!

Muscle relaxant properties of chamomile tea have the effect of relieving the complaints that women have lived in menstruation and sometimes even had to use medicines. 1 cup of warm chamomile tea helps the uterine muscles relax and relieve cramps.

Ulcers relieve aches!

Chamomile tea has a relaxing character. In this context, it is particularly effective in relieving ulcer pain. Those with stomach discomfort can relieve aches by consuming chamomile tea provided that they consult the doctor.

It's a natural antibiotic!

It is known that chamomile tea is a very effective antibacterial. Therefore, chamomile tea strengthens the immune system and relieves colds and coughs.

Balance your blood sugar!

By regularly consuming chamomile tea it is possible to keep the blood sugar level at normal values. In this regard, diabetics can consume a cup of chamomile tea a day provided they consult a doctor.

Migrains are good!

People who regularly consumed chamomile tea decreased symptoms based on migraine. Some studies in this area have shown that migraine, which is in its initial stages, can be healed by the consumption of chamomile tea.

It destroys the stress!

Especially for those living in metropolitan areas, stress has now become a part of natural life. As it is also known that chamomile tea has a positive effect on the nervous system, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of chamomile tea especially in the evening to fight against stress. It may be possible to sleep more comfortably on this number and start peacefully the next day.

Recommendations for those who will consume chamomile tea

As mentioned above, chamomile tea has various benefits for many parts of the body, even whole body health. However, as with all herbal remedies, excessive consumption of chamomile tea can lead to some health problems. For this, it is enough to consume 1 cup of chamomile tea per day. During periods when there are complaints based on colds, up to 2 cups of chamomile tea can be taken.
Excess consumption of chamomile tea can cause stomach aches and diarrhea.
It is known that chamomile tea enhances the mother's pillars. For this reason, one cup of chamomile tea is recommended daily for lactating women. However, since breastfeeding is a very sensitive period for mother and baby, it is useful to consult a gynecologist and obstetrician or a baby doctor.
Consumption of chamomile tea during pregnancy is not recommended.
People with diseases such as stomach, blood pressure and sugar should consult their doctor before consuming chamomile tea.
In fact, people with all sorts of diseases and treatment are advised to consult a doctor before consuming daisy tea.
Patients with epilepsy need absolutely not to eat chamomile tea.
Instead of the daisy tea, which is sold as a ready-made package tea, it will be more beneficial to buy the papaya at home and drink it yourself. Because it is not possible to know exactly what is in the teas that are made into bags and powdered.

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