ölüdeniz myths - muğla / fethiye

The most famous waters of Fethiye, which hosts countless tourists and indigenous people every year, is Oludeniz ... It is always remembered with its calm and clear waters, but this time you will pass Ölüdeniz with a different aspect, history and legends about you. The koya called Ölüdeniz is entered from the sea with a narrow throat. Surrounded by slopes and a wooded area. It is one of the most suitable areas of our country for paragliding and in this sense, the number of tourists is quite high. It is only one of our tourist attractions with its unrivaled sea and white sands. Another dimension of Oludeniz is the legends that are in history, these legends are not known very much and I want to give more legends to this article.

Fisherman and Son:
The story of a father and son, who keep their lives fishing and selling them, is told about Oludeniz. Father and son take the fish near Oludeniz and they are disturbing them, but they are forced to do this. They increase the intensity of the storm and say that their son can take refuge there, but father is years fisherman. the father is annoyed and beats his son and his son is drifted to the sea, the father of the suffering side of his son is afraid of the father from the side of fear of death, but after a while he sees that the bay is really there and shelter there. he kills himself, according to legend, there is a piece of rock on the shores of the Dead Sea, saying that it is the petite head of the dead man who resembles the man who died.

Belcekız Legend:
Belceğiz is another alien near Ölüdeniz. The waters of the sea are more wavy and rough than the Ölüdeniz. It is like the legend of the legendary fisherman and his son. The gentlemen were very happy to take this water and to get water. For some days the sailor and his son stopped to get water. when the handsome son goes down to see the water, he sees a beautiful girl and falls in love, and the girl is affected by it but he has to go back ... For years, when the lovers approached each other from the ship, the girl looked at him from the distance and smiled for him to see him. but his father is aware of the situation and his son thinks he wants to shatter the ship and he wants to stay in the bay and shoots him and throws him to the sea his son dies and the father regrets his own life.

The stories are of course legendary, true or false, but there are many stories of this wonderful place.
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