new pc 10 reflects the properties of your phone with windows 10

Microsoft shared the details of the "Your Phone" application designed for Windows 10 at Builders' conference yesterday. The application, which allows the phone to mirror the desktop PC, allows Windows 10 users to access text, photos and notifications from their desktops.

Features are different from iOS and Android versions, but Microsoft is able to project more Android phone features to Windows 10 PC than iOS. Such that; Android users running on a PC do not have to physically use their phones. In fact, this concept had moved on to Dell in the beginning of this year. Dell's concept was to call and receive notifications from the PC. In the case of Microsoft, SMS, Photos and notifications will be available at the start.

Microsoft will start testing your phone application this week with Windows Insiders, and will also shape the Windows 10 feature as a result of the feedback. In addition to this application, Microsoft is also testing a massive update to Windows 10. This update, codenamed "Redstone 5," is expected to be available in the spring of this year.

In the meantime, it's also possible that we will not have access to other details about this new app. Because Microsoft will continue to share details of the "Your Phone" application during the Build event.
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