most popular beach parties in the world

Some beaches are used for sunbathing, hearing, resting, relaxing and swimming, and some beaches are used for fun. If you are interested in dancing, music and partying, take a look at our list of parties that have been built on these beaches. But we have to follow; joining these parties can make you tired instead of relaxing.

Ibiza, Spain
If you ask people who frequent overseas trips, for them Ibiza is known as the entertainment and party center of the world. Parties, entertainments and activities do not end in Ibiza day and night. Ibiza's reputation for tourists coming from all over the world to join the foam parties that continue until the first light in the morning, dancing with house music and waking up on the beach adds to the reputation of Ibiza.

Psarou Beach, Mykonos, Greece
Psarou Beach is actually not a very popular holiday spot. Already you can understand this because there are a few small hotels in the area. Psaraou beach, one of the most pristine places to be as secretive as it is beautiful, hosts beach parties every day in the morning and evening and beach sports are held. The party continues until it's steady and you only have a few hours to relax and join the breakfast when you return to your room. If you are looking for a restful holiday we do not recommend Psarou but if you are looking for entertainment this is for you.

South Beach, Miami, United States
South Beach is known to be the most preferred destination for students and young people in Miami. This beach, which is also favored by Ünlüler, turns into an open-air club with loud music from sunset. Most of the venues in the area also have a plaja exit and feel that it is integrated with the beach. At Club Mansion's dance floor, bars, VIP rooms, you can always meet a famous music star or player.

Haad Rin Beach, Phangan, Thailand
This beach is not every year of the year, but once a month (on the Dolunay) it hosts magnificent boulevards from all over the country and around the world. Sound system is installed everywhere in the crescent-shaped beach so you can join the party in the area you want. This beach which is much cheaper than others is getting crowded day and night one day a month.

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
White Beach suddenly becomes crowded and chirped in the air when it is in a state that can be considered daytime. Fireworks are thrown out, players who perform with fire show up, musicians give concerts. All of this goes on until the sunrise and some people prefer to go to the beach in the daytime to sleep on the beach against sabability. There are clubs throughout the beach where everybody can find something in themselves, playing various styles and music genres.

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
On Indonesia's most famous beach, there is uninterrupted entertainment from sunrise to the birth of the morning sun. The locals make picnics, tourists join the party, children go to fun parks and everyone finds themselves here. If you want to listen, we recommend you to come to this plaja.

Palolem Beach, Goa, India
Goa is a very famous place all over the world, despite the not so good reputation of India. Each year, up to three million visitors are hosting a surprising festival with DJ performers, concerts, street shows, art galleries, and people who are screaming and joking like crazy. What distinguishes this beach from the others and makes it so special is that it allows people to join the party by listening to music from their headphones in a quiet area on the beach. You should not leave Goa without seeing this silent party.
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