journey to the world's smallest countries

When we travel to countries, our mind is firstly covered by forests that have metropolitan cities or are invisible to the top, with large countries as a face measure. Among all these, there are countries that we can say that are tiny and hidden in the maps. Let's take a trip to these countries together.

Azit Petrus Square, Vatican City

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world, measuring only 0.44 square kilometers. So much so that the Vatican is a small country, even from an average location. Entry to the country is free on the last Sunday of every month, with a wealth of architectural care. In the city of this city, which is the administrative center of the Catholic sect, Wednesdays are winter days for the Pope. This magical country inside of Rome, surrounded by high walls, is worth seeing.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, is bordered by France. Although the capital of the country is Monte Ville, Monte Carlo is Monaco's most famous city. This city is known for its casino and is the wealthiest city in the country. The most beautiful thing that can be done in this beautiful harbor country which is coast to the Mediterranean is to go on a yacht tour. In Monaco, which is also an architecturally beautiful building, there is the Royal Palace known as the Palais Precier. It is a modest yet magnificent building that will decorate the photographs.

Nauru, in the name of the photo - Pleasant Island - is the third smallest country in the world and is a land of Micronesia in the South Pacific.

The people of Nauru make their living from the rich coconut, which grows on fertile soil there, from the rich tropical 'minnows' of guano, which is rich in vegetables and birds' wastes. Unlike an ordinary country, Nauru is made up of regions, not cities. Unsuccessful transportation and inadequate accommodation for tourists, on the contrary to what is expected, led to the tourism sector not being well developed in this beautiful island country.

Located in the Great Ocean, Tuvalu is made up of nine coral islands. Because of its geographical features, agricultural products and fisheries in this climate are the most important sources of livelihood as they are in other tropical regions. Tuvalu is one of the places that will face the danger of sinking in the case of global warming because it is very close to the sea level. Such a risk is the greatest reason why the amount of migration from this small country is large.

San Marino

Some of the smallest countries in the world, San Marino, are located outside the country's borders. The only transport to the country is provided by road. The largest source of revenue in the country is tourism. They are also known for the importance they give to football. The country is succeeding in attracting attention with the Formula 1 event held in April.
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