journey to europe's major port cities

Surrounding the sea or living on the seashore is one of the blessings of bliss, is not it? Calm waters and endless blue ... Living in port cities gives people a different peace. In many places in Europe you can see the port cities. If you want to visit and see this place, it's a good idea to go ahead. Having preliminary information will make you more satisfied as you travel. Be sure to pay attention to this detail for this. If you want to learn by visiting, take a look at what you are waiting for in the port cities we have chosen for you.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, once home to the world's largest port, is the second largest city in the Netherlands. The buildings, which have interesting designs in the city, are enough to dazzle the eyes of the ministers. The meaning of the city as much as the architecture is also very interesting! Rotterdam means "the dam built on the Rotte River".

When you come here you can be confident that you will encounter many interesting things. Erasmus Bridge standing by steel ropes, Walkhaven Harbor with great lighting, Stars Walking and Maritime Museum and many more. You will be surprised when you see cube houses. These houses were designed by Piet Blum. The houses are positioned higher than the ground level and pass under them. When the houses are viewed alone, some trees represent a forest when viewed together.

Antwerp, Belgium
The country is the capital of Antwerp's administrative province in the Flanders region of Belgium. It also demonstrates the region's greatest city feature. The port in Antwerp is the third largest port in Europe and the twentieth largest port in the world. The city is named for a giant named "Antigoon" who lives near the River Scheldt. The official language used in the city is Dutch. Climate is moderate. If you are intent on this extremely small city, you can walk all the way down even on foot. Bicycles can also be used in city transport if preferred. The cuisine is similar to Germany.

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg is Germany's second most populous city after Berlin. The port here is the second largest port in Europe. Hamburg is a canal city. Gothic architectural structures dominate almost all of the city. Millions of tourists want to see them. Hamburg City Hall, St. Micheäl Klisse, Jungfernstieg, Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg Port are just some of the places you can visit. The currency of the city is Euro, and the official language is Almancadır. Germany's climate is moderate. So if you want to visit Hamburg, the best times for you will be from May to September. Intra-city transport is highly developed. There are 4000 restaurants in the city.

Bremen, Germany
Bremen, Germany's other beautiful city, is also extremely ambitious about places to visit. If you want to start your sightseeing with Altstadt which means Cityscape, you can easily reach here by tram from nearby places. On your way you will come across the Bremen Mızıkacıların Heykeline. Despite being small, the statue attracts tourists from all walks of life. You can also visit and see the Roland Statue, the Bremen City Hall, the St. Peter's Cathedral and many more historic sites in Bremen.

Valencia, Spain
It is the largest city in Spain and is home to the largest port of the country at the same time. Valencia is the language used in Valencia. Mediterranean climate is seen in the city. Every season is suitable for traveling but usually people come to the country during the summer season. If you want to provide a comfortable and trouble-free transportation in the city, we will recommend buses to you. Dilerseniz buses can travel from the hill to the whole city. If you come here, do not forget to visit the El Carmen area, which is also called the historical city. Also add to the travel schedules the point of visiting Torres de Serranos, Plaza de Toros de Valencia, Valencia Cathedral and many more. The cuisine of this place contains the characteristics of Mediterranean cultures. We can say that meat, vegetables and seafood are available in almost every area of cuisine.

La Spezia, Italy
The city is built on the natural and extremely deep Bay of Spezia. It is also known as "Bay of Poets" because of its natural beauties and dazzlingness. The streets of the city are surrounded by bergamot trees. Around the beach there are different and beautiful fragrant gardens. La Spezia Port is a very important port for Italy. It has wonderful places to visit and must be seen. September and October are the best times to travel without being overwhelmed. The city is small and dazzling to walk on. It has a classic Italian cuisine. Pizzas, pastas and different meat dishes ... It would be useful to add this to your travel guide.

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