how to open a nasal obstruction? what to do for nasal obstruction?

Nasal Occlusion is an uncomfortable condition for a person. The person can not breathe in here, usually breathing in or out. It is boring, troublesome, adversely affecting daily life. So it lowers the quality of life.

Nasal obstruction usually consists of unpleasantness such as flu, flu, sinusitis.

In the nasal obstruction, nasal sprays immediately come to mind. But since these sprayers are addictive, their use is rarely recommended.

In terms of treatment, at this time, smokers are recommended to reduce smoking or never drink.

During this period, hot sofas, hot herbal teas, plenty of C vitamins and plenty of water consumption are recommended.

Nasal obstruction, practical and easy Natural Solutions:

For nasal obstruction, Most Natural Treatment: Ocean water (salt water)

* Half a cup of warm water, half a teaspoon of salt and stir. Pull this mixture into your nose. Salt water eliminates both blockage and allows bacteria in the sinuses to die. You can make salt water a little too much and gargle.

For nasal obstruction, Natural Treatment: Hot Towel Compression:

Heat the towel so it will not burn your face. Keep this hot towel in your face 3 or 5 times a day. (Your mouth and nose will remain open.) It will relax your sinuses and allow you to breathe comfortably. You will both be relieved and free from congestion.
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