how to make a manicure at home

For a long time now, when women started to do individual care themselves using their abilities for their own beauties, there have been cases of making manicure at home and pedicure at home. Though nail care and beauty are especially important for women in particular, well-groomed hands and nails are equally important for men.

Apart from an aesthetic appearance, clean nails and hands can be seen as an image of cleanliness and hygiene in the eyes of the individuals in the outside world. As a result, when looking at the hands of a woman or a man, seeing regularly cut clean and well-groomed nails and a well-groomed hand instead of seeing long ugly fingernails can have a more positive impact.

This is the manicure name given in detail to cut the nail and keep the hand well. Since women may not have the chance to go to beauty salons or hairdressers to do these kinds of treatments at all times, they can be learned in detail by researching these kinds of treatments on the internet instead.

Detailed information about manicure
For women who do not want to pay for manicure or want to take care at home with their own means and tools, the easy and effective manicure description can be given by following these steps:

First of all, it is important not to forget what happens to the manicure water. It is suggested to put lavender oil inside after putting hot water in a medium sized container so that your manicure can be completed easily. Because lavender oil has both softening and antibacterial effects. You need to keep your fingertips in this water for about 10 minutes to make your flesh soft.
Once you are sure that your nails are soft, then you need to push the meat over your nails slightly backwards with the special chairs you buy for the manicure.
Then, without pushing too much, you need to make your fingernails your way with your fingernails. To understand how well you have done it and how much you have not done it, you are advised to walk over your nail by passing an unblemished pantyhose to your hand. If this is the case, you can see that you have successfully done the trimming process.
After finishing the rubbing process, add half of the lemon water into this hot water jug ​​and wait for 15 minutes in this water. When you understand that you are soft, it is recommended to massage your nails with the help of a cream that removes the cuticle and removes your hands. It is also recommended that you do this massage as slowly as possible.
Finally, if you have an ogen that has been previously wiped and retained, clean them thoroughly with acetone and make your nails ready to rub the new one. Finally, you should start from the middle of your desired color. Your fingernails are painted after the movement you have repeated three times. When painting all your fingernails, be sure to reserve a few minutes of waiting time before crossing the second third.
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