how to give pregnancy pills

"I am very afraid that I am getting pregnant or pregnant diet (just consuming vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, staying away from dessert). at the end of the street where I will go to see you. Finally, you hear a pregnant woman who says, "How can I go on pregnancy without having a diet and a healthy pregnant woman?" (Sezgin A. Sorcev, 11 May 2018, One of the biggest problems in pregnancy is weight gain. It is more likely that these masses will persecute them. It seems as if the difficulties that your pregnancy has brought are not over.
Of course, there are many parents who keep their weight above their health from their babies, who eat everything, who want to have plenty of milk for them, plenty of water and plenty of preparation for the loss of ejergy.

Some women eat as much as 8 kilos, while others eat as many as 30 40 kilograms.

There are a lot of people who are healthy and have a pregnancy without getting weight. When they say without gaining weight, they take a kilo.

Let's hear from a woman who has experience of pregnancy in this subject: "I have been eating vegetables, but the desire for dessert has been so much that I at least pampered chocolate, molasses and myself pampered. I made the dishes myself but regularly walked and made plates. I entered 55 weeks pregnant with 66 and went into kilos in two weeks. I have a 4-month-old son at the back, and I'm down to 53. I think you should not eat. Even if your baby gets it from you, you will have an unhealthy pregnancy. I eat plates in the morning and evening dinner decision, I do. It also makes birth easier. "
When a woman conceives, the blood volume increases by an average of 2 kg, an average of 7 kg when you calculate that the baby's weight is 1 kg, the liquid in it is 1-2 kg, and the baby is 3 kg (even if the circulation edema or growth of the mammals does not count). If your body mass index is not high, taking 5 kg in a normal pregnancy can be objectionable. Our aim is not to create overweight people but bring healthy babies to the world. If the average body mass index of a woman is normal, it is enough to take 12 kg. In this case, the average weight to be mothers after birth is 5 kg. And it may be objectionable to restrict nutrients to weaken from the 4th month. The important thing is not much or little food. Go eat regularly to eat regularly.
How can we survive without taking these pills? Let's take a look at the following doctor's recommendations for a pregnant woman:

You will eat 6 meals a day with meals every day; half a liter of milk, a glass of ayran, a bowl of cacık, a bowl of yoghurt at meals. You will eat whole wheat bread. You will eat as many hours as you want, and you will eat less often. The less space and the longer you eat, the more weight you will gain from 1 to 1.5 kilos per month. Your baby, not your weight, is given significant weight, but a healthy baby is not born.

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