how to clean bits from long hair?

Lips and circles can cause quite annoying situations in terms of appearance and arousing feelings when there is no harm to health. Although it is usually seen in children, there is no interest in cleanliness. Because they can live for up to 24 hours without a hostel area, they usually go directly to the person with direct head contact and show symptoms such as red specks on the ensemble, head skin or shoulders, feeling of extreme itching or discomfort at night.

Although there are lice shampoos sold in pharmacies, it is possible to get rid of lice and circles with natural solutions at home.

Heat 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply all of them to the scalp by massaging them. Cover your hair with a bone and spend the whole night. After you wash it with your hair shampoo in the morning, scan the ends with a smooth comb. Do this for five days.

2. With tea tree oil

The tea tree sprout spontaneously breaks an insect and kills bits or circles, taking the itch from the head. However, be careful when using it is a very strong structure oil.

Mix your hair shampoo with your shampoo by pouring it in 5 or 3 drops for every 30 milliliters. Use this mixture when shampooing your hair and wash your hair with a hair dryer and dry your hair using a regular comb and use this shampoo for at least two months.

Another alternative is to mix the oil of the tea tree with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Depending on your preference you can also add 1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil. Once you have applied your entire head to the deep, wait for 30 minutes, then you can shampoo your hair and apply this method twice a week for one or two months.

3. With lemon juice

Lemon juice helps to remove bitterness and vines with acidic effect.

Spread the freshly squeezed lemon juice deep into the head and let it sit for 30 minutes and then throw lemon in your hair with warm water and vinegar first. This formula is best done once a week.

Also, after mixing four spices of fresh lemon juice with a soup spoon, massage it to the scalp. Cover your hair with a thick towel and wait for an hour like this. Then remove this mixture from water and shampoo and hair afterwards. Repeat this for five days.

4. With olive oil

Olive oil has the content to kill bitterness, but it can be a bit more precise solution to keep it in the hair all night long as you can live without breathing for hours. It will then be much easier to separate the hair from the hair with the aid of a smooth, fine comb. Wait for one night after the hair drifts, then shampoo your hair the next day and dry with a towel. Finally, try to remove the lice and grouts thoroughly from your hair with the aid of a smooth, fine comb.

5. With vinegar

Using white vinegar you can also clear hair. One night before you complete your hair with olive oil and then wash the next day, you should fill vinegar in a spray bottle and cover the entire hair and scalp. You can wash it with shampoo after waiting 15 minutes like this. But if you have open sores in your head skin, you should not do this because it will burn your skin.

In addition, many studies have shown that drying the hair completely kills the circles and lice kills half. So, after trying any method, trying to get rid of the lice with a comb by drying the hair will give you the most effective results.
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