how to choose a mascara according to eyelash type?

Today, make-up has become an indispensable part of both art and daily life. Although makeup is generally thought to be used by women, it is also used by men in the performing arts and the television industry. Besides, the brands that make products specifically for men are putting men's make-up into their daily lives as well.

One of the most important points to pay attention to when making makeup is choosing the right product. Because everyone's skin needs different products. We need to define our own skin and face very well in order to choose the right product among thousands of products.

One of the most complementary elements of makeup is the mask. Mascara makes the looks look more vivid. It is necessary to choose the mascara according to the eyelash type in order to emphasize this vitality most accurately. We can list the types of mascara that you should choose according to eyelash type.

1- Short and straight eyelashes; because the eyelashes are short, thinner and flat-tipped clowns should be preferred. The slimmer mascara provides easier control and easier access to all the cuffs will give a more effective result. On the other hand, it can also be used with fine-tipped but twisted mascaras which extend both the eyelashes and curl to make them look even longer.

2- Long and unfolded eyelashes; long but twistless eyelashes cause the gaze to fall down. In order to remove the glances, it is necessary to try to show the lashes as curved as possible. For this medium thickness curly corsets are preferred.

3- Sparse eyelashes; the need for sparse eyelashes is to look fuller with volume. For this, it is necessary to prefer a fuller, thick-tipped brush. The thicker the brush, the more product it has and the more volume it gives. For this reason, sparse eyelashes should choose the biggest size fanciers.

4- Full but low eyelashes; The only missing side of plump and low eyelashes is low. So the purpose is to fold the hedge. For this, it is necessary to use curled brushes with small, large hairs.

5- Adhesive eyelashes; they are rarely seen because the interlaced lashes are intertwined. For such lashes it is necessary to first separate the lashes by scanning with an eyelash curler. Later on, it will be useful to use short, structured shorts.Apart from these, it is also necessary to make choices according to the anticipation from the mascara. If a more detailed mascara application is desired to be performed, a thinner mascara should be preferred. It is wrong to simply apply the Maskaray to the ends of the eyelashes because the weight of the product gives the eyelashes to fall even further. Therefore, it is necessary to shape the eyelashes from the side of the diploma towards the ends.

One of the most important subtleties of mascara wear is the use of as few products as possible. The mascara that is ply folded causes the lashes to adhere to each other and the lashes to fall down due to the weight of the excess product. Mascara is a mascara made while driving from the top of the cuffs to ride the mascara. The mascara that is pushed from the top causes the cuffs to lose weight because they will weigh. It is necessary to pay attention to expiration dates so that the masks do not damage the crocuses
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