how many kilometers of sound speed?

The sound is the result of the vibrations of the materials. The sound velocity is the distance per unit of sound waves propagating through a flexible medium. The speed of sound is the same in every frequency wave, the frequency speeds vary according to the density and temperature of the air; frequency speed decreases in cold weather, increases in hot weather. The sound velocity is slower as the space between matter particles increases, that is, the sound travels the slowest in the gas while the sound progresses the fastest.

The speeds in the voice are:

Overall sound speed on the floor: 5000 m / s
Overall sound speed at the lid: 1453 m / s
Overall sound speed in air: 340 m / s
Sound does not spread in space.
How many speed-of-sound-km
What is Mach Number?
The mach number, a useful number in aerodynamics, is the ratio of air velocity to local velocity of sound.

Sound speed exceeded?
We can not say that everyone is going to experience it for now, as the speed of sound has been overcome with many vehicles in the military field, and a large economy is needed if the vehicles used are adapted to the civilians. Chuck Yeager is the first to surpass the speed of sound. Yeager, who came to the world of Virginia, served as a military pilot in the second world war and became a test pilot after leaving the army after the war. On October 14, 1947, when he was testing the Bell X-1 plane, his speed was faster and faster.

Vehicles that exceed the speed of sound
First we can give an example of the Bell x-1 aircraft used by Chuck Yeager. In recent times, the number of vehicles that have passed the speed of sound has increased with the developing technology. The Thrust SSC car was also the first car to sesten quickly. A four-wheeled braking system is applied to stop the single-person car that works with jet fuel.

How Many Km is the Sound Speed ​​in Water?
Speed ​​is not constant under water, water temperature, pressure, saltiness affect this speed. The water structure is like a reflective surface. In quiet water the sound can go 4-5 kilometers away.
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